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Land Rover Experience??

Just received my invite from LR to attend my Complimentary Bespoke Land Rover Experience.

Now i'm naturally massively looking forward to this as am keen to see what the FFRR is capable of Off Road whilst using someone elses car.

I therefore want to get the maximum out of the experience & am keen to hear your opinions on both what to expect & where best to book for?

The ones local to me are Cheshire & North Yorkshire which are probably equidistant, however these could be the less desirable locations to get the most out of the Experience.

The other locations are Perth (too far for a day out), Market Harborough (i visit this area fairly frequently), Ledbury in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire (both these areas i travel close to every couple of weeks when visiting my office in Suffolk) & lastly Honiston in Devon (same as Perth, too far for a day out).

I'll hopefully take the Wife for a day out if we can arrange childcare, so am also keen to know as it's a half day i assume it's morning or afternoon, so what roughly are the timings of these?

Thanks in advance. Paul

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Post #432427 24th Mar 2017 1:28pm
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Baltic Blue

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I attended the North Yorks venue and had a brilliant half day. ( 9.00am - 12noon approx)
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Post #432429 24th Mar 2017 1:48pm
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I was at the Perth LRE in 2004 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The sessions are morning or afternoon and from memory there was a group briefing lasting maybe 15 minutes, then one went to the vehicle with the instructor who went over the car's features, perhaps another 15 minutes. The instructor then drove a set course demonstrating low ratio, hill descent control, lean angle, wading etc. Most people (me included) would be wary of doing some of the things with their own car, the hill descent was particularly impressive. After that I drove the same course. Perhaps 30 minutes. Because I had been driving RRs off road for some years and was alone with the instructor, I was allowed to drive around the LRE area on routes chosen by the instructor, it was quite a large area and that was in many ways the most enjoyable bit. That was perhaps an hour, all driving. There was then a short debrief and I was given a certificate, I wasn't sure I needed that.

If I were going now I would check about car occupancy to try to achieve sole occupancy, or in your case, occupancy for you and your wife only. That way the experience can be tailored to what suits you best. Going by my visit there are not as many RR drivers so you have a better chance of exclusive use. Not that many people have off road experience (in my case the only other person that had driven off road had done so only at a previous LRE day when she got her last car) and it would reduce the benefit of the day to share with someone with very different experience/wishes, even if you got on well with them. Only Range Rovers since 1988

Post #432436 24th Mar 2017 3:08pm
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Andy S

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I did the Eastnor one on Monday, Herefordshire btw, not Hertfordshire. Absolutely brilliant.

Timings are either morning or evening in 3 hour slots. You get coffee and biccies on arrival and before you leave. If you haven't been off road before, they talk you through the dos and don'ts then its off to play. Instructor takes you out and drives round the first course showing what the car can do, then over to you and whoever is with you, max 3 in the car.

I went with my brother and a nice guy called Roger was our guide in a 405 TDV8 VSE. We each got about an hour of driving in total over some pretty awesome obstacles, showing you what these cars can do.

Well worth doing at Eastnor, the Daddy of LRE centres and used by Solihull for development. They had loads of cars there and Roger encouraged my bro and me to do the full day course in a Defender whilst they still had one, as we had both enjoyed it so much.

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Post #432496 24th Mar 2017 7:14pm
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Obviously, book an L405 - they generally have 1 per site and use the proper engine in them Whistle

You get the car to yourself, so they are ok with a passenger, maybe 2 - and will let everyone drive.

No food or anything provided, I think I get a coffee but that was it.

A good day out, particularly if you're relatively new to off road driving Thumbs Up

Post #432508 24th Mar 2017 8:09pm
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Eastnor Castle has to be the one to go for - the original proving ground! Bish.

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Post #432518 24th Mar 2017 9:10pm
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