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Thank you CS. I wen to Lloyds Kelso earlier this year for a problem with the Sat Nav in my Jaguar (as Clelands had stopped dealing with Jaguar). I found them to be very good to deal with and helpful and in that instance, JLR customer service were also very proactive. I am due to go and see Pentland LR for a test drive so I will see what comes of it, falling which I may well try Lloyds. It is all very frustrating and I feel that I am made to feel like I am in the wrong and imagining things when the dealership and customer services respond by saying "we cannot find any issue with the car and all is as it should be". I am going to drive the roads around the dealership before visiting to make sure I find a spot I can replicate the noise on. I now what they will say about the car veering off to the left - it is the camber of the road and the way cars are set up!! Thank you again for your suggestion CS.

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