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 Fluid change recommendations

Post21st Mar 2017 11:14pm
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L405) · Replies: 3 · Views: 201 · Subject: Fluid change recommendations
Do it.

I do mine every 25 or 30k miles.
Replace the filter every second fluid change as they are 170 quid a go.
Change of fluid at an indie is about 250 quid.
 Another 'What's it worth' thread

Post20th Mar 2017 8:54pm
Forum: General · Replies: 3 · Views: 331 · Subject: Another 'What's it worth' thread
When you get an insurance quote from go compare

You get a range of market values...
 Front End protection and winch mount (Bull bar)

Post19th Mar 2017 7:49am
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L322) · Replies: 14 · Views: 4620 · Subject: Front end protection
Yeah...those pesky pedestrians and motorcyclists and cyclists keep leaving dents in my front when I hit them

Not much of a roo problem in the U.K. Mate...
 Has anyone else noticed?

Post13th Mar 2017 9:23pm
Forum: General · Replies: 15 · Views: 926 · Subject: Has anyone else noticed?
I think it reflects the worry people have with buying a new diesel. Would take a brave man now to shell out 100k for a diesel car only to see its value fall to 20k in 3 years. So buy a 4.4 L322 inst ...
 Hazards not flashing when locking and unlocking l322

Post13th Mar 2017 6:08am
Forum: Technical (L322) · Replies: 15 · Views: 334 · Subject: Superlocking
Or deadlocking...

Required 2 presses on some models.
For example on mine. To deadlock it needs 2 locks.
 This is scarey! JLR Value your car:

Post9th Feb 2017 8:07am
Forum: General · Replies: 21 · Views: 1495 · Subject: This is scarey! JLR Value your car:
It's consistent with we buy any car dot com
 Pre heater issue

Post25th Jan 2017 7:11pm
Forum: Technical (L322) · Replies: 6 · Views: 197 · Subject: Pre heater issue
To rule out battery problems..give it a full charge. You can even leave the battery charger connected.
Get in the car, and wait a few minutes for the car to go to sleep.
Then press remote fob....
 Amount of oil needed for a change on a 4.4TDV8 2011

Post23rd Jan 2017 1:02pm
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L322) · Replies: 12 · Views: 381 · Subject: Amount of oil needed for a change on a 4.4TDV8 2011
9.5 litres is what you need
It says so in the manual
My last indie service...I was charged for 9.5 litres
Last main dealer service, I was charged for 10 litres
 4.4L TDV8 ZF 8HP70 flush : special technique?

Post22nd Jan 2017 10:14am
Forum: Technical (L322) · Replies: 23 · Views: 7328 · Subject: 4.4L TDV8 ZF 8HP70 flush : special technique?
A competent indie can do the job. Had mine done by an indie a couple of months back.
The difference is noticeable. Gear changes are quicker and smoother I think.
Had it done at 30k, 55k and will r ...
 Brightness of Speedometer

Post16th Jan 2017 8:12am
Forum: Technical (L322) · Replies: 2 · Views: 209 · Subject: Brightness dial
Does the 06 have one? My MY 10 and 11 both had one...

Maybe your dial is dialled down low?
 Which windscreen wipers

Post8th Jan 2017 10:58am
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L322) · Replies: 6 · Views: 337 · Subject: Which windscreen wipers
Got some 808s from Euro Car Parts

And with discount code "Xmas" I paid 19

A big saving from Halfords
 Battery Recommendations

Post6th Jan 2017 5:22pm
Forum: Technical (L322) · Replies: 51 · Views: 1861 · Subject: Battery Recommendations

I have an unused Bosch S5 you can have for 50 quid if you fancy a drive over to Brighton.
Bought last year...never used as it is the wrong battery for my RR which requires an AGM.
It has be ...
 Headlights 2010-2012

Post5th Jan 2017 4:54pm
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L322) · Replies: 17 · Views: 585 · Subject: Headlights 2010-2012
Hello AKIS

I think that describes it perfectly. The shutter just allows a bit more of the HID beam out. The shutter doesn't deflect the low beam - that pattern will remain.
If it is replacement ...
 LR assist

Post4th Jan 2017 5:11pm
Forum: Finance, Insurance & Warranties · Replies: 2 · Views: 195 · Subject: LR assist
Seems to be very highly rated by some

But how do you join LR it just the AA in disguise?
 Headlights 2010-2012

Post2nd Jan 2017 11:26pm
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L322) · Replies: 17 · Views: 585 · Subject: Headlights 2010-2012
And just to confirm, I recently changed my xenon bulbs for osram night breakers, and the halogens for Phillips racing. They work perfectly.

You say you only have main beam from the HID.
HI ...
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