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Engine fail safe program UPDATE! Poss thermostat

So whilst on the way home tonight the engine fail safe program pops up and the engine management light comes on.

Out comes the icarsoft i930 and it's showing code p0000 Electric thermostat circuit fault last occurrence plausibility ?

I clear the codes and lights go out I pop the bonnet and start looking around and notice the top radiator hose has collapsed I'm thinking the engines warm so better not take the cap off so remove the bleed screw and that's when I get a gush of air.

Now have I just got an air lock and the system needs bleeding or has the thermostat packed up or something more sinister going on in there?

I've read about this fault popping up with battery issues however a new battery was fitted the week before Christmas and I'm sure a battery fault won't cause the hose to collapse!

This morning now I can see in the engine bay I have been out bleed the system some more by the wiki instructions and taken the car for a drive around the block and the temperature gauge has risen to half way as normal and I've had the heater on inside and it's nice and warm in there.

Once back on the drive I've looked in the engine bay felt the hoses and the top hose is hot and the bottom hose is stone cold so I'm thinking either the thermostat hasn't opened or it's dead.

Anyone else come across similar?

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What engine do you have?
Top hose hot and bottom hose cold could be air or stat but the fact that you had the warning as well point towards the stat.
If you have the same type of stat as my 04 4.4 had before I did the 80 deg mod then they have a heater built in to the stat body to open the 105 degree stat earlier under high demand and these can fail.
You may find just driving around the block won't reach the stat opening temp.
i had the hot top hose and totally cold bottom hose and mine just needed bleeding more as they can get an airlock by the stat
After bleeding it i then got a warm bottom hose and hot top which means the rad is doing it's thing.

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Hi, I had this and the odds are the radiator is blocked at the bottom. They do this regularly and the only way forward is to either take the rad out and thoroughly flush it through or if funds allow to replace the rad altogether.

With regards to the fault code, this wouldn't throw up the engine fail safe message / light. I have replaced my thermostat with the 80 degree mod and as such you have to disconnect the multi plug for the thermostat heater so I have that fault all of the time but no fault message or light.

What other messages do you have? With mine I was getting trans fail safe, HDC inactive and the suspension was inactive after about 5 minutes of driving, it turned out that it was the abs module going bad. Swapped it out and everything was fine.

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