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LPG in Jag 4.4V8 naturally aspirated (2006 HSE)

Does anyone have LPG in Jag 4.4V8 naturally aspirated?
I am having some issues with Check Engine light, which does not go away. It persistently throws lean mixture error.
My LPG installer is a friend and he made it go away, but only through special settings in the LPG ECU which periodically clears engine ECU errors. Thus, it is a work-around rather than a solution. Most installers allegedly use this trick as a solution.
According to the installer, the problem lies in idle mixture settings, as the engine is tuned to run very rich at idle on gasoline.
I would appreciate if someone shares experience and settings with LPG on this engine.

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I think this engine is the one that has probs with the (valve) seat liners?

Jaguar/Land Rover AJV8 Engine

Normally Aspirated
JE are still devoting development resources to enhancing the normally aspirated AJ engine, even though it is coming to the end of its OE use. JE intend to continue using it in the 'JE-35' Anniversary Edition Defender and thus have some exciting developments to offer, notably our big-valve polished and ported heads. Please enquire for full details of these components which give up to 60 more brake-horsepower than standard, with suitably re-programmed electronics. With its surfeit of power for normal use, the AJV8 is particularly suited to LPG modification which gives dramatically enhanced economy. However, the AJV8 engine has been found to be susceptible to valve recession when using LPG due to the valve-seat material used in OE manufacture, and the "dry" nature of the gas with no lubrication additives as found in petrol. JE have developed two alternative configurations to overcome this problem.

Standard valve size: JE-modified heads with 16 all new 'beryllium-free' valve seats per head. These valve seats are state-of-the-art, incorporating as they do the latest NASCAR-developed alloys of copper, nickel and unobtainium(!) These alloys were developed to replace the copper/nickel/beryllium seats previously used due to the highly toxic nature of airborne beryllium dust. JE can machine and fit these valve seats in-house, unlike the previously developed tungsten carbide seats which were, not surprisingly, as hard as our tungsten carbide cutters and thus had to be machined off-site at not inconsiderable cost.These JE valve seats are machined, cut and ground to the optimum shape for performance and long life. Valves individually hand-ground to fit individual seats, ports shaped to improve gas flow and camshafts and followers fitted to optimise minimum tolerance specifications. Per pair (exchange) 1328.00 Fitting 1015.00.

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