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Genuinely true story.

I did my class one HGV test 20 years ago and failed for driving at 40mph in a 50mph zone.

The examiner said it was a clear day, and I should keep up with the traffic and there was no reason I shouldn't have been doing 50, so at the time did appear to be a target and not a limit! I was fairly annoyed as I thought I was playing it safe.

I passed a week later and made sure I did 50 down the same stretch of road with the same examiner.

To be on the safe side, always slow down under motorway gantries!
Watch out in Bedfordshire. They have average speed cameras through 30mph villages, and are not signposted, and the cameras are impossible to spot. There is a very small white tick or V mark on the road.
I had a friend who worked for the Bedfordshire council who said half the council staff have been on speed awareness courses! Slow down, BEFORE you get to the 30, and don't speed up until you have LEFT the 30 as its easy to do both.

Best wishes
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Post #504294 7th Feb 2019 2:06pm
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This guy's been made an example of

. Cheers, Greg
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Post #504876 12th Feb 2019 2:16am
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Ouch, just goes to show what they can do when they so wish. BMW i3 Electric Car (170 bhp mobility scooter)
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Post #504879 12th Feb 2019 8:16am
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I used to use a RoadAngel, and before that an imported Whistler. Both had varying degrees of accuracy.

The day I got nicked I was in a new car (a 3.0 V6 Peugeot) - 107mph on the A417 in cirencester! It was a dry, clear day and was very quiet - they sat in a lay-by at the bottom of a hill and by the time I had spotted them I was already nabbed.

It was my first (and touch-wood) only offence. Had my day in court and picked up a 7-day ban and £300 fine - no points! Was a bit of a result I can tell you.

However, as others have said, its better just to observe the speed and traffic conditions around you, than to rely too much on technology saving your Censored Current
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Post #508809 15th Mar 2019 12:46pm
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Snowy90 L322 wrote:
Plus ! on the Waze app, worked brilliantly in France this Summer and from my experience very accurate on reporting Speed Cameras.
Seems to work ok in UK too.

Be careful in France. Speed camera detectors per se are not allowed. They were stopped in April 2012. You are, however, allowed to have equipment which indicates when you are in a "zone dangereuse" ie a traffic black spot which can be covered by speed cameras.

I believe that some of the GPS providers eg. TomTom have taken this into account in their updates since 2012. Need to check that.

As an aside, we had a trip to uk in February via the tunnel. A few days after returning home I received notice of speeding fine. 97kph in a 90kph zone approaching Coquelles just before the tunnel slip road on the A16. 45 euros and one point Neutral

C'est la vie. Sad John
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Post #508822 15th Mar 2019 2:10pm
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