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Renewed my insurance

Just renewed my insurance changed from Saga who I have been with for 2 years and changed to Tesco, Excess changed from £500 to £300 otherwise identical. Saga wanted £250 ish Tesco £190.

So the new rules have not affected me, is that because as Martin Lewis says, I've renewed before the 1st of Jan? My due date is the 12th Jan.

Are the insurance companies that stupid? I think not, so do the new rules make any difference?

What is everyone else's experience?

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Post #618098 31st Dec 2021 12:43am
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Mine is due on 15th…. Was with AA. Paid £351 last year. Their renewal came in at £347.

Went on the old Go Compare and £284 was the cheapest. Think that was with SAGA…. Rang AA to say to cancel auto renewal (another thing I despise) and I told them they need to match it at least…. £340 came the reply…. No….. (basic maths eluding them at this point…) what about £331?…. No… you need to match £284…. They put me on hold for a bit… £284 it is then… happy with that. Excess was £600 more on the other £284….

So I’ve no idea what will actually change from tomorrow, as I go through a similar thing each year. Maybe any increases will be cancelled out by the fact most of us probably doing less miles perhaps… working from home etc… plus my car is mostly in a locked garage in the day now, not mainly in a work car park.

Perhaps it’s in 12 months we will be able to tell better. There is the thinking that renewal as a new customer prices will go up a bit, so renewal prices for existing customers don’t have to come down so much…

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Post #618137 31st Dec 2021 10:37am
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Persistence is the key.

I’m always a bit wary of fine print in policies when it comes to towing and caravans.

Quite a lot of policies are not worded right so the biggest legal caravans are excluded. I’ve found a policy with Swift cover which I’m happy covers me, and short of reading through all the replacement policy docs before buying there’s no way of knowing so I’m happy to have a “chat” with Swift before renewing. Do a quick meercat, then take it to them. Let them try and get as close a possible.

One of my labourers uses AA and he’s been able to squeeze his renewal prices down too. There is nothing that can't be fixed with a hammer😜😜
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Post #618281 1st Jan 2022 1:46pm
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V8 Bob

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Just renewed mine Saga wanted £229 up £9;from last year gone with RAC @ £192. 2012 tdv8 Westminster arrived Jan 19

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Post #618284 1st Jan 2022 2:43pm
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