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Help Please re crank sensor -Audi

I have no spanner skills whatsoever and rely on garage/google to diagnose problems however this one is a strange fish !!

Audi 1.8T 2007, has intermittent starting issues, will crank happily but not fire, sometimes when hot and sometimes when cold, I left it with the garage for a month, every morning they came out, it started and no codes, came home, next day you've guessed it wouldn't start. Cue paranoia, must be because its parked uphill thought I, so now parked sideways in yard, worked for a week then back to intermittent. Main symptom seems to be when it does start and runs fine there is a faint smell of fuel, like in the good old days when you left the choke out, anyway........ apologies for long post, my thoughts are the crank sensor

Anyone like to comment. I thank you Thumbs Up

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