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look after your tools, irrelevant to some folks.

In affect, this is effectively an addition to Hayland's 'Do your fatty a favour..' thread........whilst following Dhallworth's excellent posts ( I would kill for a workshop like that Bow down ) It got me thinking that some people maintain their FFRR's but do they look after their tools?

In my line of work we HAVE to maintain a lot of very expensive tools, many of which are dedicated to particular tasks, ie hydraulic rigs for up to 1600 bar. For tools that are used 'once in a blue moon' it makes sense to use lubricants / WD40 type sprays etc to stop rusting ( Especially if your tool storage area gets damp etc.)

Today I used a winding tool when working on my daughter's insignia....changing the rear brake pads - car has an electric hand brake, before storing the tool in a plastic water proof Ex ice cream container, I cleaned said tool and all working parts were coated in coppaslip. Over-all it saves a lot of money and time, plus it's good for my OCD Whistle

PS - As soon as I saw the recent posts for V8 crank tools etc, tools sold, I just KNEW without even looking, that a certain Gentleman in Glasgow had got first dibs on those Rolling with laughter Thumbs Up

Post #628237 10th Apr 2022 2:02am
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When I bought my milling machine it was pretty rusty and came with a load of tools that were in parts very rusty. This is just a small selection.

Click image to enlarge

I de-rusted them.

Click image to enlarge

And they mostly cleaned up ok.

Click image to enlarge

It took ages to do this though. I now keep them sprayed with WD-40 with a rust inhibitor.

Post #628328 11th Apr 2022 9:22am
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That must have been a labour of love at the time, but very satisfying when finished, Kurt!

I tend to leave the tools I'm using on the ramp or on the worktop on top of the toolbox until I'm finished a job (unless I need the space) and then everything gets cleaned and put away when I'm finished with it.

Exceptions to that rule are tools that come in their own cases such as timing tools, caliper wind back tools, the manual press, etc. They get dismantled and put back in their case when that particular job is over and done with and any particularly fragile tools such as air con gauges, all go away when their specific job is finished with.

Lathe and milling machine tools all get a light coating of oil and wrapped in the grease proof paper that they came in before going away again too.

Posting the above makes our workshop sound very tidy and organised when nothing could be further from the truth Laughing It looks like a bomb has gone off in it 99% of the time!

When Piet advertised the timing tools and crank pulley tool it was a no brainer, especially as I'd just bought cylinder heads Smile I don't tend to sell tools either so we've got shelves full of tools that do one job on a specific vehicle... they're handy though! Just incase I ever buy another one of them! Laughing

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