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The Fire Service: Top Blokes

We were woken at 7am this morning by a pretty loud explosion in our village, then a few minutes later more loud bangs. A couple of minutes later we heard sirens, which in our small village way out in the sticks is quite an event.

Curious, I looked out the bedroom window to see HUGE black smoke clouds billowing skywards across the road - a sight that wakes you pretty quickly. The entire sky was black. I quickly went out to see what was going on to see 2 fire engines in the road. Spoke to the house owner - it was their garage on fire, plus the neighbours adjoining garage. Explosions were gas bottles, petrol cans and of course 2 cars. (Only a Merc C class estate - no great loss! Laughing )

Luckily, it doesn't look like the fire got to the house and everyone was fine, but the boys of the Fire Brigade just do a sterling effort don't they? Absolute respect. We can only hope you never need them but if you do, they get on with it and you have to respect how good they are.

Of course, I took my camera!

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