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01 Wing Mirror Passenger Side '02 FFRR – 1310 views
02 Use a suitable flat blade to lever apart – 1553 viewsI use an old stainless steel kitchen knife, strong, slim and blunt ;)
03 Ring Cover released – 1547 viewsOnce you have taken a wing mirror apart you will find the ring cover comes off first. If it has not been dismantled before the main cover is more likely to come off first
04 Ring Cover removed – 1566 views
05 Cover removed – 1609 views
06 Release the puddle lamp and remove cover – 1822 views
10 Spiders inside microswitch holder! – 1864 viewsEvidence of arachnid encroachment in the microswitch area :)
09 Microswitch released from holder – 1973 viewsHere it is - I read on one LR forum a guy saying they didn't exist! This one seems in good nick, just needed a clean up and a quick spray of WD40
07 Lever the microswitch holder clip down gently – 1823 viewsYou'll see the microswitch holder next to the mirror motor. You have to release the little clip to the outside of the holder just underneath it. I hope you can see my trusty kitchen knife in place levernig it down. The plastic is quite bendy, but be gentle with it.
08 Pull Microswitch holder back from mirror housing – 1500 viewsOnce you have the clip down pull the holder back towards you. It will either simply slide back or fight you. The microswitch is on two lugs so should easily come away from the holder, unless it is tightly bound on with spiders web !
14 Ring cover will probably have lots of broken lugs – 1423 viewsThe outer ring has loads of lugs on it, and a lot of these seem to have broken off. This doesn't seem to affect the refixing in anyway.
12 Microswitch control arm trapped in motor cam – 1630 views
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