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Member Since: 15 Apr 2017
Location: Devon
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United Kingdom 2015 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Firenze Red

I have just returned from a 3000 klm round trip from Devon UK to The Algarve, Portugal, in my 2015 RR Vogue SE TDV8, a repeat of the same trip last March. On both occasions the trip was totally faultless, I can think of no better car to take on a trip of this nature, it certainly has very long legs and is very relaxing to drive over these long distances.
However, during my stay in the Algarve, I experienced a 'Restricted Performance message' followed by a distinct fall off in power, this happened approximately 5 minutes after a first time start up on that day, so the engine was not particularly hot.
I stopped the car and engine, and checked the handbook faults listings and found no reference to it.
I called the Range Rover dealer in Exeter to ask for comments on any past experience they may have on record, they could offer nothing other than a suggestion that I call International Assistance.
After being stopped for approx 15 minutes I fired up the engine and found it was running perfectly, and it continued to do so for my remaining two weeks in Portugal and in fact the return trip through Spain and France and back to the UK.
With one week still remaining in Portugal I decided it would be prudent to contact the Range Rover dealer in Faro. I was asked one question, ' Has the problem re-occurred', following my answer of No, I was told not to worry about it as it would probably not happen again !! he was right, it did not.
The car is shortly due for its first major service, so it will be interesting if anything shows up following this.
I would welcome any constructive comments on the above situation

Post #434968 15th Apr 2017 10:01am
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Member Since: 11 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Santorini Black

Not heard of it on the L405 but any number of sensors could have caused it.

The advice seems good, just restart and see if it happens again Thumbs Up An IID tool or similar or the dealer should be able to read the fault codes for clues.

The 3.6 TDV8 throws this message most often with a split turbo hose, but even then, you could just restart and take it easier and normal performance was resumed.

Post #434971 15th Apr 2017 10:29am
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Member Since: 15 Apr 2017
Location: Devon
Posts: 2

United Kingdom 2015 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Firenze Red

Thanks Alistair for your prompt reply.

Your comment: The advice sounds good, did make me smile. You are of course correct, but only in hindsight!!
I can assure you that when you are in The Algarve and about to make a 1200 klm trip up through Portugal, Spain and France, at very fast motorway speeds, it is/ was not pleasant having that unsolved problem on your mind.
Having the engine revs suddenly drop 80% without warning whilst in the fast lane was not something I was looking forward to, thankfully it didnt happen.
I have a background of many years rally driving, one of them being The epic London to Mexico World Cup Rally, the thought of that kind of engine speed drop off whilst driving at speed 3 miles up over the Andes in SA (on oxygen) does not bear thinking about. If you dropped off the edge of some of those drops, they would never bother to look for you !!!!!
I am also an ex deep sea marine engineerofficer, which is exactly why I would like to get to the bottom and understand the actual reason behind the 'Restricted Performance' message.
Fxxxxxxxg electronics !!!!!

Post #434973 15th Apr 2017 11:26am
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Baltic Blue

Member Since: 13 Aug 2015
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Baltic Blue

I got a restricted performance plus sudden drop in power when overtaking 2 lanes of hgv's which proved to be one of the 4 short hoses on the inlet manifold. ( easily detected by 3 being spotlessly clean and one covered in sooty black )
The MD changed all 4 under warranty as a " just in case " , but I am convinced there was nothing wrong with any of them, just one had come loose ( jubilee clip ) ?? G reg 2.5VM Vogue Portofino red 1991- 1999
V reg 2.5td P38 Rioja red 1999- 2006
53 reg td6 Vogue Oslo blue 2006- 2015
11 reg 4.4 TdV8 Vogue SE. Baltic blue 2015- date.

Post #434975 15th Apr 2017 12:08pm
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Member Since: 08 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Autobiography Td6 Fuji White

Its happened on my Sport exactly as you described once when the car was a year old, it never happened again.

Post #434979 15th Apr 2017 12:45pm
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Member Since: 07 Mar 2015
Location: Wagga area
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Australia 2012 Range Rover Autobiography TDV8 Bournville

IMO enforced restricted performance should be outlawed. It's one matter for an engine to not be performing to it's usual level due to a component not working properly but to significantly reduce power because of a plausibility condition that suggests that something must not be quite right should not be allowed. I liken it to the earlier enforced lowering of the suspension when a fault is detected by ABS, prior to the revised rules of the current suspension modules where the driver is given the option to prevent the lowering. I have a tractor that by default will shut down the engine in 30 seconds on loss of oil pressure but provides an over-ride for use if stopping immediately would be dangerous, eg on a railway crossing.

I had a series of restricted performance events with a 3.0 Disco4 that basically made the car dangerous to drive. Restricted performance was triggered by plausibility logic in airflow and pressure measurements because the secondary turbo inlet isolation valve was sticking, causing the secondary turbo to not be used. For normal driving the lack of the secondary turbo would have made little difference to performance but purposefully limiting fuel to about 10% made a huge difference.

Post #435007 15th Apr 2017 11:20pm
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