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3.9 RRclassic fuel pump primes but then does not deliver

SORTED NOW! Thanks for looking thou.


Relative new boy to this forum but am very impressed with the info here. I have been having trouble getting a 14CUX hotwire started and after replacing most of the the ignition system inc coil, dizzy cap, amplifier, r.arm, leads plugs, temp sender, new fuel etc I have just discovered that the fuel pump primes well but then does not deliver upon cranking.

Why would this be?

Every time I took the plugs out I could smell fuel so was mislead into thinking that side of the problem was ok. In desperation I have just disconnected the fuel supply line at the rail and put it into an empty milk bottle. It primes and fills about 3/4 of an inch of fuel in the bottle and stops. Great, so it primes ok, fuel filter must be letting fuel through, relay and pump work. But when you then crank there is zero fuel coming throu!!!

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thumbs Up

Thank you 4.4 TDV8 SE
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