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Brake system flush

last month i ordered brake fluid checker(moisture check) which arrived 5 day ago, check my fluid and all lights lit up.

so time to replace the fluid - there are two ways of doing this by one self - vacuum or pressure. there are pluses and minuses for both ways, problem with the vacuum - there is real possibility of pulling air in the system. since i have vacuum pump that was the way i was going. to prevent pulling air i devised this little gadget.

it is runners bottle that i modified for my purpose.

you fill the bottle with fluid (1/2 liter) and insert it in the brake fluid reservoir. the bottle acts like automatic feeder, it will keep fluid level at predetermined point until there is fluid in the bottle. 1/2l + reservoir is enough for one wheel without worrying about it running out.

on my car order is Far Right Rear, NLR, FRF, NLF. front calipers you bleed inside then outside.

when you start pulling the fluid out you will see air bubbles in the hose. air is coming from around the nipple, to prevent that i used blue tac, it works like a charm. vacuum pump was pulling 0.8 bar of vacuum.

I've used Ate SL6 and it needed 1.5 liters.

brakes feel great now especially ABS, much smoother.

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