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United States 2011 Range Rover HSE 5.0 V8 Santorini Black
Throttle/Pedal Position and Now B10AC

Hello! I've been working my way through a restricted performance issue on my 2011 5.0 HSE that seems to be sourcing from the throttle/pedal position correlation, but now I have a new code that popped up yesterday with a B-code. B10AC, which appears to be "Driver Seat Track Position Switch Cross-Link to Another Sensor"? Anyone seen that before? I can find precisely 0 information on that code or problem online!

For some background -- the Rover has 40,000 miles/65,000 km, and I just replaced the battery within the last 6 months. Was getting codes P2135 and P2105, and during diagnosis I discovered the previous owner had at some point replaced the throttle body. I replaced that throttle body with a genuine LR part and that has definitely decreased the frequency of the problem, but I am still getting the throttle position mismatch code. I was rechecking connections and double checking part #s to replace the pedal assembly, but had that B10AC code for the first time last night.

I'm wondering if there could be a ground problem at fault here somewhere in the driver's side footwell area. Or am I linking the new B10AC and the old P2135 unfairly? 2011 RR 5.0 (NA) HSE

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