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United Kingdom 2006 Range Rover Supercharged 4.2 SC V8 Santorini Black
Rear View Camera 2006 working only on separate power supply?

Greetings, I am looking for some pointers here please.

I have a Supercharged 2006 L322 and although it has needed a few jobs doing to get more usable, everything that I have touched to date seems to be original, as in having 2006 part stickers in place. In the case of the fuse box even the original cellophane is still unmolested.

The Parking Aid had an issues with a broken wire which is now fixed and now I am tackling the not functioning Rear View Camera (Part Number: XVI 500180 PNP) and need some kind help and advice please.

I have removed the camera from the vehicle by the plug in the spoiler fed by a Red/Yellow and Brown wires, feeding the camera's Black and Red wiring, although with selecting reverse and engine running etc there is no 12 Volts to this point?! . I have also unplugged the coax type plug to remove camera and now refitted.

The camera worked less than 0.1% of the time in use and when it decided to fire up, there was no problem, so I suspected a loose intermittent connection, this was quickly found when splitting the camera body as to the plug being loose on the printed circuit board and fixed.

On re installation, I still have no image unless I power up the camera independently from a battery boost pack, then all is fine and working, so it looks like a no power feed issue remains.

I have checked as per various handbooks/manuals for a power feed;


Handbook: Rear Load Space Fuse Box position. Fuse Number 8.

Workshop Manual: (I am presuming that Fuse Number 12 in the AJB is the same thing?).

I am though failing to find any icon resembling a camera or a fuse?

So what remains; is that I now have a functioning repaired camera which I am failing to power from the vehicle, I cannot seem to locate the fuse and would like help on how to check the power feed, a wiring diagram would be useful too please.

Thanking you, great forum.


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