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United Kingdom 2003 Range Rover HSE Td6 Oslo Blue
L322 Static when filling - Pressure drops when filling

(I originally posted this thread in Dec 2012)

DO NOT regardless of all you are told or read jump straight in and replace the compressor in the boot area.

I am lucky enough to be able to spend my own time and use of my Snap-On Solus Ultra to look after my TD6

On Monday I get the Air Suspension Inactive error on dash

I had only 1 code - pressure static when filling

Cleared easily drove all ok

Tuesday morning dash message again - now a different code - Pressure drops when filling

Error again cleared but within a mile dash message again - now error codes keep swapping between static and drops after each reset !

Prior to me buying my motor in Sept it had a new compressor fitted so in boot unit is only 3 months old (doesnt mean it not faulty though of course)

No leaks ANYWHERE on pipes, bags etc etc

Rear suspension is constantly trying to settle itself - front stays stable

Whilst monitoring live data the compressor kicks in and out but no or little increase in reservoir pressure - compressor eventually overheats and cuts out - and so on

Ride heights are all good except slight fluctuation of rear

Here begin the diagnosis

All height sensors I removed each link bolt and watched voltage reading - all good with no erratic data just smooth rise and fall of readings

Checked again still no leaks anywhere

Disconnect compressor air pipe to blow off valve - loads of air expelled from system (not compressor) and rear suspension went to bump stops on N/S/R and then shortly followed by O/S/R - front heights remained stable

With the use of a controllable air line I introduced air into the blow off valve T piece and I can (key off doors open or closed) raise and lower the rear suspension like Snoop Doggy Dog on a gangster rap video !

My conclusion is a one way valve somewhere wihtin the system is letting compressor air go straight to the rear air bags

Well I have found it !!!!

On the O/S under sill is the air tank receiver and in front of receiver is a solenoid assy

Having stripped the rear air bag solenoid within the unit I find that in the end of the brass plunger is a (wait for it ) a 1 way valve !

So I set about cleaning etc but sadly the end of the plunger is peened over and I am unable to repair the valve - so sadly its game over new solenoid block needed !

A shade under 400 - dealer part only but will keep looking see if I can get a better price

Having stripped the solenoid I can now see why the Static error occurs - it is because the compressor air is going straight to the rear and the receiver pressure remains "Static" or the receiver is passing air straight to the airbag so the Pressure reading now drops

Hope this may help some of you to not dive straight in with a new compressor

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

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Click image to enlarge

Part arrived late this afternoon today and it came complete with the 3 x rubberised mounting bolts (to eliminate vibration) and a new pipe to go to the receiver tank

Removed the alloy receiver tank from under the O/S sill and drained out about 1/8th litre of water

Began to fit the valve solenoid assy but the Mrs rang to say my 2 x large spicey pork chops and fried potatoes was ready for my tea so went home and gonna finish off tomorrow !

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

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Click image to enlarge

First time fix !

Fitted the new solenoid valve block and started the car (car was on its bump stops)

Turned off engine but left on ign lights

Using my Snap-On Solus Ultra I then had to clear a multitude of errors

Restarted engine with all doors and tailgate closed

Compressor instantly fired into life

Quick as possible I went into Live Data Monitoring and receiver pressure initially went up and then reservoir valve shut and the air then got sent direct to suspension air-bags, vehicle went to standard ride height and settled instantly - reservoir valve opened and receiver went upto 170 psi and compressor then cut out

I then set car to "off road" mode and again near instantly it went straight up with compressor kicking in to refill receiver etc etc

Then set car to access height, again down it went straight away

This was now starting to be fun but I still got to calibrate suspension !!

So went for a very short drive to stabilise the car after having been jacked up on stands etc

Checked tyre pressure etc

So selected Calibrate Suspension on the Solus

All doors closed (drivers window open for access to Solus) engine running park brake on

Very simple operation to do

Select wheel diameter from 18", 19" or 20"

Measure each wheels distance from bottom of wheel to arch lip

Enter each measurement (unlike my first attempt to calibrate before I replaced the solenoid block the vehicle is stable throughout the measurements) in turn

Only after I pressed OK to accept the reading did the car make a quick "shudder" and car then instantly reset the heights itself

Out of interest i then measured all the heights again and the fronts and the rears are now within 2mm of each other

Then sprayed soapy water on any disturbed joints to ensure no leaks - All Good

Then sprayed Duck Oil all over solenoid block as it leaves a film of oil to help preserve fittings etc

Went then to local Weatherspoons for an early Xmas dinner and left vehicle inside workshop on flat surface in standard mode - air receiver was reading 167psi

Returned from pub 2 hours later and pressure was now 166psi but this is acceptible as apparently the EAS computer "wakes up" every 1/2 hour to "check" vehicle height and makes any slight adjustments (but will not fire up the compressor so it used air in the receiver)

Sorry for image quality as the refresh rate causes issues when trying to take a pic

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

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Early Xmas Dinner - in April Question Laughing

Great post, will be of good use to early L322 owners who get the Pressure Static message. Although I've not yet got faults, I have seen some of the symptoms you describe on mine Big Cry .
Experience is the only genuine knowledge, but as time passes, I have forgotten more than I can remember Wink
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United Kingdom 2003 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 V8 Oslo Blue

Great write up, cheers Thumbs Up 03 4.4 V8 petrol / lpg. 1st of many hopefully. I love my Rangie

Post #185681 30th Apr 2013 4:35am
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Excellent write up, I bet Stan will put it in the Wiki soon Smile MY 2010 5.0 SC Galway green and sand interior!!
Have the Faultmate MSV2 Extreme to be tinkering with the settings etc. !!
Suzuki B-King rider Smile

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wiki'ed .. Thumbs Up .

click on links below for more info ,


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England 2002 Range Rover HSE 4.4 V8 Java Black

Hi all, I am getting the 'Pressure static when filling message', I have tried the easiest suggestion Ive read about so far, that being the removal of the PRV and I must admit, that resolved the issue for a while.
Then the Censored came back, same message.

I have a reset tool and generally after a reset, I have found the following pattern.

My usual commute is round the M25, so usually, if needed, I reset the suspension message, then its fine on the A roads getting to the motorway , all OK up to the speed where the motorway cruise height cuts in and it seems to drop OK, at least the indicator light moves over to the motorway setting.
Then as you might expect from the M25, the speed drops, the ECU decides its time to come out of motorway height, which it does, again according to the indicator light, but with an accompanying 'BONG' and an air suspension inactive message just after normal height is reached again.

I'm not really sure how the system works, I know theres a compressor and airbags that inflate, but is the process different between lowering and raising the car?

IE does lowering simply vent air from the bags to atmosphere and raising involve the compressor cutting in to replace that vented air Question

I'll add at this point that sitting on my drive, I can go from normal to access, back to normal, normal to off road and back to normal with no problems, OK its a bit slower than Ive read is normal, but no error messages.
So this kind of suggests the compressor is actually doing what it should, albeit a bit slowly and the fault lies elsewhere. ( Im open to contradiction on that !)

Ive also read in various posts about the pressure sensor on the reservoir? and how it could be a cause of this type of fault but wasnt replacable individually and only came as part of the whole unit.
Is this still the case or has anyone sourced the sensor individually?
Or if it is a case of change the lot, whats the cost roughly?
Is it a viable line of investigation/replacement given my faults?

I have found a source for the reservoir pressure sensor on its own, about 45 but I still need some advice as to whether its worth a try? I mean could that cause my problems ?

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