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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Java Black
Prins VSI2 issues


I've recently had my supercharged converted to LPG with a Prins VSI2 system with valvecare lube system.

The system has been running fine until last couple of days when it has developed a couple of issues. Issue one is on change over from petrol to lpg the system will beep at me and give me a red exclamation mark on the dashmounted switch. This beep will continue for a few miles and then it will change over to gas and be happy all day on each subsequent start up as long as engine temp doesn't drop too low.
2nd issue is more of a problem - if you accelerate hard ie enough to kick the box down then after about 60mph the engine develops a misfire and the gas system shuts off and displays a red Led on the dash switch. If you press the button he blue Leds will come back on and you can switch back over to gas again. If you accelerate hard on petrol there are no issues. It seems like a fuelling issue on the gas side.

Problem i havve is that the installation was done in the UK and I am currently in Poland and would like to avoid a journey back to the UK if it is something simple

Any thoughts ?? 2008 TDV8

Post #284275 3rd Oct 2014 2:46pm
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Maybe the installation was completed without exchanging the spark plugs and remapping the ECU ?
The spark plugs need to be able to run hotter than a usual plug due to the higher burn of LPG, even tho the petrol spark plug has a longer burn duration the LPG is hotter for a short time.
The ECU needs to be checked or altered to compensate for the spark fire or maybe another sensor reporting the similar issue.

this is not my specialist subject but having recently purchased a FFRR with LPG i have found the installer of my prinz system was not such an expert after all.

Have you noticed that you will sometimes get a transmission judder with the transmission light flashing in the dash speedo area ? - this is also due too the LPG system having a lazy moment - nothing to panic about.

Post #284388 4th Oct 2014 3:57pm
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