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Big Boy R44ROV wrote:
The old Rover V8 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 Suffered massively if you put LPG on them. particularly the 4.6. They suffered the symptoms mentioned earlier. I know. Having had 2 engines that went completely. One just the day before as I was ready to PX !! Big Cry

Sorry to hear you had problems, though I did 90k with the 4.6 on LPG and had no issues with valve or cylinder wear.

The big problem with the 4.6 (and less so the 4.0) was coolant loss leading to overheating (because Land Rover tried to save money by not fitting a low coolant level warning system). Once the engine had overheated, tiny cracks in the thin aluminium walls led to the liners moving, which led to more coolant loss as the head gasket no longer sealed properly against the liner top (one fix for this was the top-hat liner system).

I saw lots of problems with Range Rovers fitted with the 4.6 engine. Mine needed head gaskets at around 140k, though that was no different from cars with no LPG system fitted. Perhaps I was lucky, but I do put part of it down to meticulously fixing any problem that was causing coolant loss. Sold it at nearly 180k with the original engine and was still running as sweet as the day it came out of Solihull. Current:
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