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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Java Black

Just a heads up to anyone ordering this kit, it only contains a single drain bung and washer and the TDV8 requires two, you get another half litre out the rear so it's certainly required.

While delivery etc was good, sales weren't really friendly when I queried the missing bung insisting that it only requires one and that one was a refill.. when I sent over the workshop manual they just said they couldn't understand why you would drain from both.

Luckily amazon prime delivered one on a weekend for 3.50! Shame advanced couldn't do the decent customer service thing and send one out, instead of telling me to order one via their site and pay courier postage rates.

It also wasn't a Mahle fuel filter, but did look OEM. The supplied fuel filter doesn't come with the water in fuel compatiable drain the TDV8 has, it just has a standard one so you'll need to transfer that off your old filter before bining it.

I'd probably still recommend them pricing and speed was good at 81 for the kit, just check the contents before ordering.

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