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What are we doing about Brexit?

We have every intention of continuing as before where we can, with little to no noticeable changes to our customer service wherever they are in the world.

To ensure little disruption to our customers, in the event of the UK government going with a disorderly exit from the EU, we have recently increased our stock holding of our most requested items.

This month we have negotiated new rates with DHL to get these items to you. For many countries in Europe we can now offer greatly reduced rates for DHL economy delivery especially for orders that would have previously paid more for ordering more. Parcelforce continue to offer the best rates for reliable service within the UK and a few countries in the EU by road.

If you need items quickly DHL offer an Express service which is typically next day in Europe and around 3 days to our friends down under! Express by its nature is more expensive as its going by air, but even these rates have been reduced. We are also confident in DHLs ability to get it to you as they run their own hubs and fleet of American registered aircraft (This may be important if the UK loses any air slots).

Over size parcels, typically items over 1.2m in length cost us an extra £70 to send by DHL, they do not have exceptions for this and we previously struggled to identify these on our web shop, these are now clearly marked where we have the data and we offer at a subsidised £50 surcharge for DHL air and £40 in the UK by Parcelforce. Some of the largest items, glass and prohibited items (like passenger air bags) we still cannot send.

Best regards

Paul Redding
Land Rover Parts Sales Manager Paul Redding
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