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Member Since: 24 Jan 2019
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Canada 2003 Range Rover Vogue Td6 Giverny Green
L322 TD6 in Canada

Hi there,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I exported this 2003 Vogue TD6 from near Bury St.s Edmund's, England back to Ottawa, Canada with me about 6 months ago. There's an awesome Land Rover shop 10 miles from my home who has a mechanic who worked on these for 10 years in England, and it takes 2-3 business days for parts to arrive shipped straight from England.

I've done as much maintenance as possible including oil change, transmission filter/fluid, differential fluids, transfer case fluid, brake fluid, K&N Air Filter, cabin air filter, BMW Cyclone breather filter, Glow Plugs, Leaky Injector, EGR Removal, Intake Manifold gaskets and clean, brakes, leaky front strut, brand new tires, alignment, and I'm sure there's some more.
If there's any other maintenance anybody would recommend me doing please let me know! Hoping to make this last as long as possible.
It's completely rust free, and that just doesn't exist here in Canada! Most of the older L322's are rusted out and there aren't many left. Rims are form a 2014 Range Rover Sport, 21 inch.

I just did a 200 mile trip towing a boat I just purchased, total weight of boat + trailer roughly 4,000 kgs (I know, a bit over the limit but kept it slow and trailer has good electric brakes installed).
I can't do justice to how beautifully the truck towed it, how stable it felt, and how comfortable the drive was. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase so far. I'm already budgeting for a new gear box in the future! If anybody knows a resource in England that re-manufactures the GM boxes to heavy duty standards let me know, I'll pay shipping of course!

Quick thank you to everybody who contributes to this forum, it's been a huge help for me doing the maintenance and there's no way I could've bought this vehicle without these resources!

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Post #512145 15th Apr 2019 1:53pm
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Atacama Sand

Welcome and lovely looking car (please don't call it a truck! Big Cry ). I love that Giverny green. Also good you've got the roof rails as you can carry so many more things on it.

Not sure how many miles you have but my first FFRR was a 2002, which work faultlessly in all respects and still had the original gearbox at 135,000 miles when i sold it to a mate (and he's still a mate!!). towing may put a slight strain on so factor in c. £2000 for a new one (normally its the TC that goes) at some point in the future.

Good luck and happy motoring. Keep updating us with how it goes.


Post #512168 15th Apr 2019 5:06pm
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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 SC V8 Stornoway Grey


Welcome to the forum and what a great looking (and by the sounds of it, well sorted) car. That colour is lovely and the wheels set it off really nicely - you wouldn't think it is approaching 16 years old.

I don't have anything to add about service items because it sounds like you have it all in hand. Very wise to budget for a new gearbox though, especially if you are going to be lugging that big boat around a lot!


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Post #512181 15th Apr 2019 8:15pm
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Supercharged 4.2 SC V8 Buckingham Blue

Nice set up looks good Thumbs Up love the boat Thumbs Up

Post #512183 15th Apr 2019 8:34pm
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Welcome to the capital of Canada, eh!

The L322 wasn't offered in diesel here in Canada so you have a very unique vehicle on the road. Speaking of which, how do you find driving on the right hand side of the road combined with the right hand drive vehicle? 2010 RR SC
2007 RR SC

Post #512459 18th Apr 2019 5:13am
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