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Strange occurence

I have had my L405 for nearly 6 months now. Yesterday, when I parked on some slightly uneven ground - and I mean slightly uneven, when I opened the driver’s door, there was quite a loud “cracking” noise. When I got outside to investigate and moved the door backwards and forwards, I noticed that the leading edge of the drivers door was catching on the rear edge of the front wing, to the extent that it was chipping the paint away on both. It was having to force itself behind the front wing at the leading edge. This had never happened before, and back on completely level ground did not repeat itself. Surely the chassis is not so flexible that a slightly uneven parking location should cause this, particularly on a car designed to be used on uneven surfaces!!!!

I am wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar with their L405 or even L322 or has an explanation. Thank you.

Post #512131 15th Apr 2019 12:25pm
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Hairy Dan

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Can't say I've noticed it with mine and I quite often park on an uneven surface. When I was at the factory for a tour we were driving them over the course and on one of the really uneven sections the instructor got us to stop and open a door to show that the frame was that strong despite being half on and half off a 45 degree slope that the doors still functioned with the flex. Cheers Ian
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Post #512171 15th Apr 2019 6:36pm
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I had this on my 63 plate 405, it was the sun heating the wing, which expanded and closed the gap to the door causing it to catch. They had to re-align the door to wing to the correct gap - all fine after that.

I think l still have the video somewhere, had to show it to the dealer before they would believe me !!


PS have found the video and pictures of the n/s and o/s door gap showing the difference. In my gallery 50 & 51 not able to upload the vid its too big a file! Keith

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