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Fiat 500x handbrake EPB issue....

I’m going to put this on here so that anyone doing a search on tinternet will see it.

SWMBOs 500x 1.4t lounge manual, from now on to be known as GAIPOC (god awful Italian piece of cr*p) burnt its clutch out.... completely in 40,000 miles.

This is down to SWMBO not having much mechanical sympathy and the fact that the EPB on GAIPOC wasn’t auto releasing so every time she went to pull away it was straining against the brake.

On occasion it did release, and every time I drove it it seemed Ok. But obviously not, and last Friday the clutch went completely when she was on the A50, needing recovery, and me sitting in the lay-by for an hour having installed her in the Fattie, given her instructions on how to drive it, (stop pedal, go pedal, son and heir knows how the gears work from LR junior experience) sent her on her way. Anyhow £900 lighter at trade rates from my local garage it has a new clutch but the EPB is still not releasing.

So I try fiddling.

There is a potentiometer on the side of the pedal held on with a little lever fixing, pops straight off. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze under the dash but pressing the clutch pedal down helps with access. It’s the device with the little yellow cap adjacent to the pedal.

Click image to enlarge

Similar part but where this one is pink it’s yellow on the 500x (don’t take part no off this as it’s for ID only)

Once off you don’t want to be putting it back on more than once as it’s a faf.

Phoned Fiat for the bit £39.99
Phoned my local Alfa/jeep dealership and described the part £22

It’s a common mopar part and also on the jeep renegade.

So it’s purchased from Jeep!

It’s a one shot deal aparently
Don’t plug the new one in then unplug it.

It’s a fiddle to get back in there’s a small key way and the lever fixing, and wants plugging in first before you clip it on as it’s impossible after!

Anyway it has fixed the not releasing EPB issue, took about 10 mins and cost under £30 so anyone out there reading this who is starting to have an issue swap it out now before you have a £1200 bill for a new clutch (8 hour job, subframe out and I only pay £45 an hour labour) There is nothing that can't be fixed with a hammer😜😜
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