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French Controle Technique

Woo Hoo it PASSED!

Chuffed. Very Happy

At this point the main worry was whether I could actually get the car to be accepted for a test, only having the UK V5.

However we phoned the prefecture to confirm that with the EU number (K, on V5) and with relevant other details present we should have no 'admin' issue.

Phoned CT center to explain and also confirm this, and the nice chap said to bring it in and we'll work things out.

And so, having flicked the 'up/down' switch on the Zenons, I took it to the center of doom.

Spent slightly longer than usual with the manager, but we got the car recognized by the French Gov't software from info' on the UK V5.

A huge relief because a CoC from Landrover would cost around €200 (cash that I want to spend on tyres).

Onto the test, all machines hooked up in sequence.

At this point it is the 'computer that decides', ... Rolling Eyes

Anyhow, we got to the end and "PASSED"!!!!! Good for 2 years. Smile

The tester could not have been more friendly and helpful, all through the test he went out of his way to explain what was happening and why.

So next step, €500 on the old 'Carte Grise'.

Just glad that I took the plunge before Octendof.

Best Rich

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