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England 2015 Range Rover Vogue TDV6 Santorini Black
Just going to put this here

From as long as I remember my dad always had range rovers. Used to have a different one every couple of years. I can remember the days when he had the classics. Some even in a Censored brown colour, but I guess back in the day it was a cool colour to have. Also he’s always used them how they should be used. Pulling out tree stumps with them etc. Back when I was younger ( the classic days ) there was a ford near where we lived and he used to drive into it and drive off the edge and down the river. Even at the age I was then ( around 5/6 ) a Range Rover just felt the business. Probably because I was forced into seeing what they was capable of doing.

Roll on 40 odd years. And as well as myself my dad has owned many of the newer models of which i enjoyed and loved but he hated. His Eleanor was a gold 4.6 hse that he owned well over 13 years ago. This is a man that’s owned brand new range rovers over the last 10 years. And he loves a GOLD p38 he owned years ago.

Around a year ago he brought a crappy knocked about grey p38 hse. He brought it purely because it had around 8’k’s worth of engine work done. Ported heads, cams, headers etc ( he’s been a mechanic all his working life ) so he loves something that’s been tinkered with. Bodywork wize it was a dog though. Luckily he knows a fella who can do a bit of bodywork.

I walked in one of the units earlier today and was greeted with this!!

Click image to enlarge
in the flesh the paintwork is stunning!! Fair play to the old man to recreate the one Range Rover he had a soft spot for Thumbs Up

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Had 3 p38s and loved them . That gold colour looks pretty good to me . Looking at the registration I’m thinking that may have been a Devon car originally .

Post #549177 2nd Apr 2020 5:07pm
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