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United States 2017 Range Rover TDV6 Fuji White
2017 Audio Amplifier Location

Hi All,

New to the group here. I have a 2017 with the base Meridian audio system. I have upgraded my speakers (minus the sub) to the Super Premium drivers, and I'm considering upgrading the audio amp to the Premium version (Aud4-16). I know the previous MY were plug and play on swapping amps, and I'm hoping 2017 is the same. I know the amp is new, but hopefully the 12 and 16 are interchangeable? One big question is where is the amp now located? Previously it was under the driver seat (LHD), but I did some poking around and found the radio module is now located there. I found that the sub has been relocated from under the passenger seat to the rear spare tire area. So where is the amp now located? Has anyone done this swap and have any words of wisdom or caution? I don't plan on adding the additional drivers, I know that's a losing battle, just after a bit more power I guess.

Post #558787 23rd Jun 2020 11:52pm
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Fifth Horseman

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2017 on, the amp is below the RH front seat. The 380w and 825watt amplifiers seem to be plug-compatible, but most likely need coding changes to make an upgrade work. If this is the case then a further problem is that for 2017 onwards vehicles the CCF format changed, as did the interface needed to program it.

AFAIK no-one has yet been able to carry out independent editing of the CCF in these vehicles (I would love to be proved wrong with this though).

Post #558802 24th Jun 2020 8:10am
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