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With your three tyre choices you are obviously putting price as the most important component instead of performance. This can be a false economy, cheaper brands don’t tend to wear well at all and if you crash any saving has gone.

Michelin have proven many times to be a leader in wear and grip etc, closely followed by Continental, Goodyear and Pirrelli in that order. My personal experience is the Michelin tyres cover near twice the mileage to cheaper brands which makes a big difference in value.

Check out Tyre Reviews channel on YouTube, he compare many different brands, types and vehicles in a vast array of tests, the facts speak for them selves.

Post #576575 19th Dec 2020 9:44am
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Thanks UR20v.

putting price vs performance in this case isnt totally true. Yes, I am thinking about the pennies (having recently lost my job I need to be a little bit careful), but I'm also factoring in what I have experience of and reviews.

My Dad has Pirellis on his tdv8 and they are wearing slightly oddly but well - these are very expensive though, and I have Michelins on our Td6, which I don't particularly like. I find them a fairly weak tyre - one we've had replaced after only 18 months because of a bulge and I think they have given us a hard ride, but they do inspire confidence in the wet.

I've had Nexens on a mercedes estate in the past, because they were highly recommended and they felt excellent - far better than the goodyears that simply didnt suit the car.

The Nexens are not the cheapest, and in fact Nankangs are around 140 each (I need all 4) - and having looked the Kumho's are now coming out to be one of the cheapest.

I just dont know what to do. 2003 Range Rover Vogue TD6 in Java Black
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Post #576576 19th Dec 2020 9:58am
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The kumhos I find better than the continentals that they replaced, give them a try you'll be pleasantly surprised

Post #576577 19th Dec 2020 10:14am
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Wearing oddly is likely more to do with the car than with the make of tyres Wink

A bulge could be a manufacturing defect, but often a case of abuse; pothole, kerb etc.

At that budget end, with all being merely summer tyres, I would just go with the most economical, quieted, and best rain performance of the lot and don’t overthink it

Post #576580 19th Dec 2020 10:37am
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Just tyres seem to have an offer on Bridgestone at the moment @ £138 each fitted and balanced they are euro A rated for grip and B rated for economy. and they have them listed as a premium tyre. They are only "H" rated for speed 139 MPH not "Y" rated 189MPH which is the main reason i did not select them not because i am ever going to go near those speeds but they may have an overall affect given the weight of the car at motorway speed.

i have no experience with either Bridgestone as a brand or those tyres on a FFRR. so have no opinion on them.

i think as all the threads and reviews around tyres we can safely say the best all round all season tyre are the Pirellis but they do come at a cost.

personally i have gone for the Nexen Nfera's on my car and am very happy with my choice. And i will keep the thread updated with my experience.

the problem we have is i cannot seem to find any reviews for tyres directly for the FFRR i think Bl4ckd0g mentioned on this thread or another how tyres behave on different vehicles differ wildly. he also mentioned a German test site that seems to do very in-depth reviews on tyres and i could not find reviews for the specific sizes or weights of our cars. the Nexen's came out OK but the test was not on a big heavy car like ours and i based my decision on my own history with them. 2012 Vogue 4.4 TDV8 - Current
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Post #576588 19th Dec 2020 12:47pm
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Member Since: 19 Feb 2019
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The speed rating isn’t a choice, I.e what speed you think you might do or what the car can do either, the speed rating and load rating both need to be the minimum specced by the car manufacturer. It’s illegal to down rate your tyres and your insurance will be invalid 👍

I don’t take any notice of comments where the Poster says X tyre feels better than the tyre Y it replaced... comparing feel and performance of a new tyre to an old tyre is of no uses.

I only accept data from properly set up direct comparisons in the same conditions ‘ day on the same vehicle.

Also blaming damage on a tyre is fraught with issues, was it a manufacturers defect or more likely a rock, kerb, pot hole etc?

I want to know what the wet and dry braking is compared with its peers and and transition feel is like, so I know the tyre isn’t to edgy. finally I have come to the realization that one tyre cannot do all well, a dedicated summer tyre for the warm months and a winter tyre when temps fall below 11’C and wetter weather and ice are likely otherwise the trade offs become too apparent and dangerous.... but I realise it is expensive.

Just make sure your choices are well reasoned and you know what you are trading... get the safest tyre of the ones you have selected.... check out comparisons from trusted sources... give no time to opinions 👍

Post #576592 19th Dec 2020 2:54pm
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