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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Atacama Sand
L405 Prices


Just seen a March 2018 Vogue TDV6 with extras including TV, 21" wheels, remote services, black with black leather 62,500 miles. Full RR service history, Rear pads last year. All tyres good.

All for only £34.5k (trade-in price on new one with £14k discount to boot) - they are going for £47k+ on auto trader! Shocked someone's making a good mark up methinks?

Now that's a bargain and only shows how good the one for £27k was that someone on here just bought.

I keep dreamin'. Whistle

Post #579680 13th Jan 2021 11:20pm
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England 2005 Range Rover Vogue Td6 Zambezi Silver

One of the problems is that now it is only Motor Traders who have access to the vast supply of used cars at actions across the country.

Over the years I have purchased several cars from British Car Auctions for family and friends and have a Blue Card membership of BCA. When they closed their doors to the general public in March last year they went across to online auctions. I contacted BCA to register and was told that I required a Silver BCA card and to get this I required Motor Traders insurance. I had a few quotes which came in around the £750 mark so I haven’t bothered pursuing it any further.

I went to one of the last auctions at BCA Bedford the week before they closed to the public. I was just passing so popped in off the cuff. A 2016 L406 3.0L SE in silver with a black leather interior and 52,000 miles went for £22,000. The day before I had been told that my contract was being terminated so didn’t buy it. 3 other L406’s followed and all sold for similar money.

Yes, dealers are ranking it in at present with enormous mark ups on used cars of all brands..


Post #579690 14th Jan 2021 7:06am
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yeah I was offered 16-19k for my 105,000 miles SE car over last 3 months......however I've just spent 6k on service items and there is no way I'd sell it for that, I'd rather keep it as a second car for under 20k.....just no point.....but yeah the hilarious part is there isn't anything even close to under 20k for a 2013 100k car in immaculate well serviced condition.

I also don't see the point in changing right now as the glut of big lumpy stuff on Porsche website makes me think this year we will see a big drop in heavy keeping the FFRR and buying one of them might be a better choice. all smug in my new plug!

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Post #579711 14th Jan 2021 10:04am
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Andy S

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United Kingdom 2015 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Aintree Green

Prices seem odd at the moment. Mine is worth less than the finance outstanding so it makes no sense to pay it off, so at the end of the pcp if things don’t change I’ll just hand it back to the finance company and walk away. I could trade before then, but the current retail prices are bonkers compared to trade and I’m not keen on over paying for a new car. I’m sure I’m not alone in that position so dealers will need to adjust their prices down if they want to maintain sales.

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Post #579725 14th Jan 2021 12:21pm
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United Kingdom 

Prices seem unnaturally high. Recently when I looked at a stealer RR AB, MY66 and suggested a less than 5% discount was told, rather rudely, "well if you're looking for that sir maybe a RR isn't for you". Lovely chap.

Whereas there are a few high mileage approved useds that have had discounts applied lately. I still think that now maybe is a good time to buy if you find the perfect spec and have the cash, as once lockdown is done there will probably be more demand than supply, at least for a while.

But yeah, dealers are being a bit greedy at the mo.

Post #579731 14th Jan 2021 1:06pm
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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 SC V8 Santorini Black

I think it’s just a case of supply and demand. The supply of nice spec ones (in any car) seems low at the moment. Thus those buying are chasing similar cars.

The BMW M2 I just bought was a low mileage demonstrator and they were selling like hot cakes. My wife’s car that we were selling was very much in demand. And so much so that we ended up selling it back to Audi for a very good price to go into their used car stock. But again was the right specification.

I read an article that repossessions may commence again from next month. I can help but think that will enable some more supply from finance companies being able to get their cars back and selling them.

Slightly political in nature but I think it is relevant. There seems to be building quite a large divide where there are lots of people who have been doing very well the last year but bought very little. And sadly many who are on borrowed time when financed that could see an even more difficult period ahead when repayments have to be made.

Like always there will be winners and losers.

Post #579732 14th Jan 2021 1:26pm
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United Kingdom 2016 Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Santorini Black

Prices do seem odd at the moment. I tried WBAC at Xmas for a price on my 2018 Range Rover 3.0 litre SE with 12k and they offered me £55600.00 and I only paid £58k back in July. They've got to make a margin on it along with whichever trader picks it up who has to make a living so I don't see anyone getting rich from purchases like this.

Post #579760 14th Jan 2021 5:18pm
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2016 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Corris Grey

I concur, I've been looking for 2 months to replace my 16 4.4VSE which the Landrover Finance took back after too many dealer workshop visits and gave me a full refund.

From looking around the same age, model and mileage cars are around the same price as I paid for mine in August 2019!

But it gives me a dilemma in replacing - because ideally I should go newer (MY18 facelift) but the value isn't there in the few cars that are out there right now.

So I'm off to scratch an itch with a Ford Mustang for now, keep running my old L322 and I'll be back for 405 in the early summer. Current Land Rover Fleet:-
2016 RR 4.4 SDV8 Vogue SE - gone, awaiting replacement!
2004 RR 4.4 V8 Autobiography LE
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Post #579951 16th Jan 2021 9:58am
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United Kingdom 2016 Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Corris Grey

Makes me wonder if I'll get a decent price for mine if I can somehow finance an I Pace.

Post #579995 16th Jan 2021 3:33pm
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