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Dunlop Tyres

It will be time to treat the FF to a new set of boots in the coming months and I was wondering if anyone had experience with Dunlop tyres on their FF?

I’ve been looking on Camskill and the top choices are Michelin PS4S, Conti Cross Contact, or the Dunlop’s.

The reason I ask about the Dunlop’s is that I’ve had personal experience with Michelin’s and found them to be very very good, but more performance oriented so not top priority for the FF. The Conti’s are highly rated on here from members experiences, but not heard so much about the Dunlop’s. and if you look on the ratings of the tyres they are supposedly better on fuel than the other two, in between them on wet performance but better than both of them in terms of noise - which is what interests me. Price is slightly lower as well but that isn’t really a factor as they are all above £200/corner.

Thoughts would be appreciated 👍 Tom

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My thought. Through tyres on the drive I had my 22” Pirelli all season fitted on my drive for £215 a corner. For the small saving on the Dunlop’s but then having to still fit them, it just doesn’t seem a good enough deal.

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