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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 Barolo Black

Bl4ckD0g has a good point i think in that it is a car!
the internal workings of the Gearbox is complex for sure as are the electronics but proof of someone loving a car is important i feel.
but that is not always backed up by paperwork you have to have a good look over the car to see evidence of it. has it had new suspension if it has was 1 shock replaced or both? was one lower joint replaced or both?

i think if you pretty handy on the spanners and are willing to get dirty then there are bargains to be had those cars that started well then the love was not applied part history and stuff like that.

However if you are not handy on the tools or just plain cannot be bothered then history and evidence of it is important.

last 5 cars i have owned have left my care in better condition than they arrived. but part of owning the car for me is to get under the bonnet and get things just so!! Thumbs Up 2012 Vogue 4.4 TDV8 - Current
2014 Navara V6 - Gone
2004 Vogue TD6 - Gone
Grand Cherokee - Gone
Discovery V8 (LPG) - Gone
Discovery TD5 - Gone

Post #579445 12th Jan 2021 4:28pm
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England 2016 Range Rover Vogue TDV6 Indus Silver

can we keep this thread on topic please.... ... - .- -.

click for,




Post #579446 12th Jan 2021 4:29pm
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 V8 Rimini Red

Got mine from the Vogue Centre

Found James to be good to deal with, enthusiastic but not pushy.
He gave me the keys and I spent most of the day examining the car. Nobody bothered me.

Will not knock much off the price but I suppose they have to make a profit.
They come with you on the test drive which is a bit of a pain. I would have liked to take it on my own for while.
You get a WarrantyWise guarantee with it. I asked James what it covered and he was quite honest.

Overall a good experience but I have never had any cause to contact them after my purchase.

Post #579488 12th Jan 2021 8:16pm
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Westminster TDV8 Santorini Black

I too bought mine from the Vogue Centre at the back end of 2019. At the time, there was plenty of stock and we were left alone to look for as long as we liked. After a couple of visits, I’d narrowed it down and James was really helpful with the details on those and wasn’t pushy at all.
We were buying without finance and expected to be able to negotiate a bit on the price but there was no movement at all!
Anyhow, I bought it and have been very happy so far. After a month or so, there was a problem with the drivers heated seat, which was sorted by James using the supplied Warrantywise. Even got a loan Vogue SE whilst it was being sorted.
My experience was a positive one. Thumbs Up

Post #583302 11th Feb 2021 10:34pm
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Buckingham Blue

Just px’d my 58 plate for smashing 61 and dealt with James.

Very pleasant to deal with and honest about the cars, you’re not going to get much, if anything, off the sticker price but it’s. not a private sale and you get a bit more protection for your money.

For what it’s worth, if it’s the right car for you and the money is about where you want to be then a few hundred quid here or there on one of these cars shouldn’t be an issue.

Anyway, well chuffed with mine, if you’re after a vogue then their stock is worth having a look at, even if only to get an idea of what you can get for your money.

Post #583303 11th Feb 2021 10:55pm
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United Kingdom 

Any more recent feedback regarding The Vogue Centre?
Spoke to James and thinking of buying an L405 from them.
Thank you very much in advance.

Post #592536 27th Apr 2021 3:20pm
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