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United Kingdom 2016 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Santorini Black
Various faults

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the following faults that do not seem to want to clear and if any could be causing reduced performance that I have recently been getting on longer journeys?

BCM-Body Control

U2300-62 (2F) Central configuration - Algorithm based failure - signal compare failure
( on 25-04-2021 11:44:02 at 72402 mi )
CHCM-Chassis Control

U210A-27 (2F) Temperature sensor - General signal failure - signal rate of change is above the threshold
( on 25-04-2021 11:48:42 at 72402 mi )
DSM-Driver Seat

U0037-87 (6C) Vehicle communication bus B - Bus signal/message failure - missing a message
( on 30-04-2021 13:40:03 at 72865 mi )

B12B2-13 (6C) Auxiliary heater coolant diverter valve - General electrical failure - circuit open
( on 25-04-2021 11:54:13 at 72402 mi )
B13C2-49 (2C) Windshield misting sensor - System internal failure - internal electronic failure
( on 25-04-2021 11:44:04 at 72402 mi )
B1406-88 (2F) Fuel fired booster heater - Bus signal/message failure - bus is off
( on 25-04-2021 11:44:05 at 72402 mi )

To resolve the reduced performance I just switch off the ignition and restart. Yesterday I changed the battery and the fuel filter just in case it was either of these causing the problem. 2016 Vogue SE SDV8 Santorini Black/Ivory - current
2009 RR Sport TDV8 HSE - sold

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