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Slow progress

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United Kingdom 

RJH wrote:
Alistair wrote:
Just found this article saying the Met bought 30 RR’s ‘to fight terrorism’

"Some of the cars, which retail at more than £50,000 each, will be on the road by Autumn."

Didn't think dealers we giving that kind of discounts, must have a lot of stock to clear.

Also considered at a "Spot HSE" Rolling with laughter

I tell you what they’ll be a good used buy when they get to auction

Post #599722 5th Jul 2021 4:26pm
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United Kingdom 2006 Range Rover Vogue Td6 Zermatt Silver

In the North Wales area they have a right mix with a lot of BMW's, Hi-lux, Kuga, loads of Peugeots.
They used to have a very interesting unmarked collection, including a Scooby and an unmarked Evo Shocked ask me how I knew about the Evo Whistle

Mind you, one of our previous police chiefs was Brunstrom, aka 'The mad mullah of the speed taliban'
Thankfully the idiot is now retired.

Post #599727 5th Jul 2021 6:00pm
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England 2005 Range Rover Vogue Td6 Zambezi Silver

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I was plod. I worked in the city but we had quite a few villages and towns covered by sub stations.

A new unit was set up to cover rising crime in the city centre and they were equipped, believe it or not, with 2 spanking new fully liveried 110 Defenders (I’m guessing 300Tdi’s) however nobody could drive them as they didn’t have 4X4 authorisation. Several Officers were then sent off to complete a 1 week 4X4 driving course.

The 110’s were a disaster. They were slow, too big for the streets, noisy and not good to transport prisoners in.

One of the out stations threw their toys out of the pram and demanded that they be given a 4X4 to patrol the villages. We had just had 2 winters with significant snow fall and they had struggled in the Cavalier SRI’s that they were driving. They even offered to swap one of their response cars for one of the city centre unit 110’s.

The arguments were listened to and a decision was made to give the outer station a 4X4. They couldn’t have one of the city centre 110’s as these were ring fenced so a brand new 4X4 was ordered. 4X4 driver training was booked and Officers waited in anticipation.

The new 4X4 patrol vehicle arrived………. It was a white Fiat Panda 4X4. It had a single rotating blue light, a 1” wide yellow stripe down the sides and 2’ high “POLICE” stickers on the bonnet, boot and doors……. There were tantrums……

The control room started receiving calls about people impersonating Police Officers in a home made Fiat Panda Police car. Officers would arrive at incidents and victims, offenders and onlookers would burst into hysterical laughter. The car became so unpopular that Officers had to be ordered to drive it…..

After 8 weeks of ridicule, in the early hours of a cold winters morning a brave soul by the name of Colin took the Fiat on its last patrol. He drove it down the bypass and wound it up to as fast as it would go. Then he selected 1st gear and released the clutch………….

2 months later the outer station was given one of the city centre units 110 Defenders. Apparently the Fiat was deemed to have not been a suitable Police patrol vehicle. On top of this there were also concerns about the reliability of the gearbox…..


Post #599764 6th Jul 2021 9:23am
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Red Merle

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United Kingdom 2017 Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Aintree Green

That’s really funny! Laughing

Thanks for sharing Thumbs Up Previous:
3 x FL2’s, 2 x D4’s.
2017 RR 4.4 SDV8 Aintree Green
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2015 Triumph Trophy 1200 Pacific Blue (for sale soon)
2014 Triumph Trophy 1200SE Silver
2013 Triumph Tiger 1200 Ruby Red, White & Gold
(All built within 30 miles of Solihull 👍 )

Post #600537 13th Jul 2021 6:03pm
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Wales 2019 Range Rover SVAutobiography 5.0 SC V8 Loire Blue

Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter 19MY SVA-Dynamic Spectral Chromoflair Blue but colour not available in profile
2016 RRS SVR Estoril Blue - Gone
2010 RRS 5.0 Supercharged Navara Bronze - Gone
2008 RRS 4.2 Supercharged Black - Gone
2006 RRS 2.7 Diesel Rimini Red- Gone

Post #600596 14th Jul 2021 9:45am
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United Kingdom 2014 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Corris Grey

And it's not just L405s that Mr Plod have. This has just popped up on YouTube...


MY2014 L405 RR Vogue SE 4.4 SDV8 in Corris Grey
MY2010 L320 RRS HSE 3.0 TDV6 in Stornoway Grey

Post #601504 22nd Jul 2021 6:33pm
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