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Rosco - Hope SWMBO is OK and recovery goes well. Thumbs Up

Know the feeling, I broke two ribs in one fall, whilst learning to jump, very embarrassing, as several people were watching. I am still trying to work out what the age is for 'Start acting your age' now over 60 and still not there yet Whistle
( No sympathy from eventer daughter, only Ner Ner )

Your bonus now Sir, is that you have plenty of time to carry out maintenance on the trailers and said wagon whilst you look after SWMBO and tend to her needs. Rolling with laughter

Post #628870 17th Apr 2022 11:20am
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Rosco wrote:
I will take your 511 and raise you......

So 3 trailers and a lorry cluttering up the yard.

I think I’m just jealous you have a yard big enough to put all this in Bow down

There is no excuse for not keeping them nice, it was part of the condition of getting one for me. Didn’t want to deal with that mess down the line.

Here’s the shot from the advert when we sold it, so it’s absolutely possible to look after them. My other half just used to jet wash it down with some sanitiser solution.

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Post #628878 17th Apr 2022 12:13pm
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Thanks Chaps, yes only have 6 in the stables at the moment and a wife who can't move so PLENTY of time for maintenance . oh and another 6 out in the fields who love trashing fences, when did I ever get time to work Big Cry

Post #628881 17th Apr 2022 12:56pm
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