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Phone sim/eSim for Saudi


I need to go to Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) for 8 days in the next couple of weeks and understand that O2 don't cover them in the 'Travel bolton"

This means I'll £2 per min to make or receive calls and £7 per mb data..!!!

Has anyone any experience of eSims I can buy so that I can call the UK while I'm there.? I think Virgin Mobile has coverage out there. (or can I buy a Virgin Mobile sim only deal here, use it while I'm away, as long as its not too expensive, then use the sim in my car when I get home to give me wifi and InControl stuff?

I'm assuming that wifi calling won't work (while I'm in hotel of course) although facetime might.?

Any advise you could give me would be appreciated.

Thanks Ash
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