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Any recommendations for mechanics in Southampton area?

Not the FF, one of the other cars (a petrol Peugeot).

So anyway, story goes that the car failed its MOT on emissions due to smoke (but only at very high revs, so I hadn't noticed it before). The smoke was light white in nature, but smells of burnt oil, so a very peculiar one I thought I'd struggle to diagnose (but I did immediately think piston rings).

Booked it into one local and highly reputable garage: diagnosed it as a blocked breather system.

Not convinced, I booked it into a second garage, an engine rebuild specialist.

You guessed it... diagnosed for a second time as a blocked breather system.

Now I had two mechanics telling me the same thing, I surely had to doubt my own thoughts that they might be incorrect. So, at great expense, I ordered a new rocker cover, as the breather system is integrated... exactly the same results as before. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised.

So, getting to the bottom of the problem, I thought what would an old fashioned mechanic do? I know, start with the spark plugs - 2 were sooted and clearly oil was working its way into compression.

Next step, piston rings, head gasket or valves?

Started with basic head gasket tests. Used my sniff tester on the cooling system - all clear. Any coolant usage? No.

Next step, valves. 20 minutes to whip the intake off and take a look with the camera - all clean and dry.

Next, compression tester. This was a pain because firstly the wells were so deep that I couldn't get a tight fit on the hose. I ordered an extension rod to then discover my compression tester had given up the ghost. Back to the shop, new compression tester. Cylinder 1 115psi, cylinder 3 115psi, cylinder 2 55psi. Uh oh! Wet tested it and it increased to 80psi.

Right, now I know where the problem is and no, it absolutely is not a breather issue or valve issue. But, is it head gasket, a block problem or the piston or rings?

Whilst I don't have an air compressor or leak-off tester, I did compress each cylinder and monitored for any pressure drop over a period of time - not perfect but better than nothing. No pressure drop on any cylinder, so this says there's unlikely an issue with the block or head gasket.

Although not entirely conclusive, it confirms with about 80% confidence that the issue is piston rings which are not sealing properly, thus pressurising the crankcase and drawing oil in on the upstroke.

So, why why why was I able to diagnose this on the driveway in the space of a few hours. I am not a mechanic, but I approached 2 different mechanics who got the diagnosis incorrect, and in a different part of the engine?

Therefore, can anyone recommend an Ed China of the world local to me for future use? Looks like this car is off to auction. 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 TDV8

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Hutfields in Botley have a good reputation 2011 4.4 TDV8 Vogue SE Buckingham Blue with Ivory interior and clear glass = "Rory"
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