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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Autobiography Black 4.4 V8 Barolo Black
Underwhelmed by Sytner in Stockport

I've just had an experience with Sytner in Stockport that I was less than impressed with. If you are Googling for a Sytner Stockport review, you've found one.

I went along to see if they had anything suitable as my next car, I explained I wanted a 4.4, preferably in black.

The salesman seemed most keen to put me into a 3 litre in another colour instead, to the point I agreed to a test drive just to see how a 3 litre compares or if I would be left wanting the extra oomph of the 4.4. However, on reflection overnight, I decided I didn't want to compromise so wouldn't waste my and their time. I cancelled the test drive and told the chap to get back to me if he found something I actually wanted.

As if by magic, the next day he got in touch with a car that was exactly the spec I had asked him for, even down to the wheels and electric steps. He sent over a bunch of photos and it seemed just the ticket. The car was at their dealership somewhere in London and he would arrange to have it brought up if I wanted it.

I trundled back down to Sytner Stockport and they presented me with the finance options (focussing on monthly payments rather than the cost of the money, which isn't cheap). In the end, I decided I'd just fund it myself. They tried very hard to change my mind, probably because they have a good kickback on the finance deal. They then tried to upsell me into their gap insurance which allegedly pays out under improbable circumstances. And they tried to upsell me into some ceramic coating and leather treatment deal. These were both hard sells to the point I was ready to get up and walk away.

Who knew buying a car is so hard? I had the idea you walk in, give them some money and drive out. But not there. You'll be there all day.

Anyway, a PX deal was finally agreed and I coughed up a £1k deposit. Delivery in a few days. Off I go to take my number plate off, etc.

Several days later, right before due delivery, the bloke gets in touch and tells me this tale that the car had failed their quality control checks, etc. It isn't coming. It wants too much work, apparently. I asked about the nature of this work and it was a windscreen, a CV boot, an oil leak and a few other bits that didn't sound like the end of the world to me.

I suggested I might have a bid at it as is, on trade terms. He refused. Instead, he sent me details of other cars £15k more expensive. The result of this is they are now, after a second nudge, refunding my deposit.

The long and short of this is they tried to sell me a car they either didn't have, hadn't properly checked before offering for sale, or more likely, sold to someone else who was more interested in their finance deals and upsells. And I lent them a grand for a few days free of charge while needlessly taking the number plate off my current car.

Rather unprofessional throughout, really. Wasted a lot of my time trying to sell me things I didn't want and then failed to deliver what they actually sold me. 2017 4.4 SDV8 Autobiography in black
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Post #646518 25th Oct 2022 5:28pm
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Andy S

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Sadly typical of most MDs, irrespective of brand. Buying my wife’s last Mini was pretty similar. Made it clear we were paying cash, not finance, got the hard sell on the finance which prompted me to ask the sales oik to introduce me to his ‘business manager’; I then explained how time cost of money works (its my job to know that sort if thing) and why their offer was not of interest. Eventually got them to agree a deal, but only when, unbidden by me Mrs S said out loud that she’d had enough so we were leaving. Then followed a palaver about getting the car to that dealership, the end result being they ‘threw in’ the paint treatment FOC. I contacted the Dealer Principal to express my dismay, the response being basically, ‘whatever!’

Post #646526 25th Oct 2022 6:00pm
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Typical main dealer. Bunch of see you next Tuesdays Censored
Leave a Google review or Facebook and see what happens Rolling with laughter 2011 4.4 TDV8 Vogue SE Buckingham Blue with Ivory interior and clear glass = "Rory"
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Post #646527 25th Oct 2022 6:01pm
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I can heartily recommend Henshall Engineering in Chelford. James looks after my FF G4 and my D3 G4. Very good, honest guy, not expensive, massively knowledgable. 2002 L322 4.4V8 - G4 Challenge Car - Australia leg
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Post #654337 22nd Jan 2023 10:31am
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Baltic Blue

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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Baltic Blue

I vowed not to buy from them years ago when they were up St Mary’s.
I bought my td6 from them as an Approved used with their MOT just done., but within a month I realised that one of the back calipers was sticking and the pads were well worn and disc badly scored.
They refused point blankly to repair it, insisting that it was down to wear and tear and not covered.
Mike. G reg 2.5VM Vogue Portofino red 1991- 1999
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Post #654340 22nd Jan 2023 11:28am
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 V8 Java Black

Unfortunately as Andy S said, Typical MD sales now.
My last couple of purchases have been hard work. Despite stating No finance or any of the add ons, they still try & push it all. Banging Head

Post #654345 22nd Jan 2023 12:55pm
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England 2013 Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Luxor

Although its a long time ago I remember going to Sytners in Stockport to have the side steps I had purchased from them fitted to my then L322. I checked with them the day before, all good they said, when I got there they said there had been a misunderstanding and they didn't have the steps I had purchased.

As I hadn't paid I didn't need a refund but just wasted half a day and a 60 mile round trip - jokers. Like I say its a while ago now but it seems they haven't changed.

In the end I got some steps from Green Oval in Leeds supplied, fitted and the car got a wash. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Geoff

Post #654350 22nd Jan 2023 2:31pm
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