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Member Since: 27 Feb 2023
Location: Tasmania
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Australia 2010 Range Rover Vogue 5.0 V8 Alaska White
Water ingress and audio failure

Good afternoon all,
After a massive downpour here I was the victim of the dreaded water ingress into the LH rear electronic stack (now fixed - fingers crossed) MY10 L322 5.0 NA
As a result, I've lost the radio, parking sensors, GPS directions, CD, aux input,... basically, everything that makes a noise apart from the touch screen beep, and the engine (that still makes a very nice noise!)

For those that have been in a similar situation, what component was it that failed? The BT module seems fine (visually) and bypassing it does not seem to fix anything, the amp was a similar result and the MOST loop is still broken even when the amp is bypassed. The parking module did have water in it but has been cleaned and dried and I don't see how this would affect the MOST system. My local Independent LR expert said to take the stack out and clean every pin on every plug so that's this weekend's job.
I can access the #753 menu but don't get any info from that as it's "out of range". The water only got into the back corner so it's something there, but not sure what. Don't want to replace all the modules to determine which one it is as that's getting a bit expensive... How did others go?

PS tried the "hard reset" and now am stuck in 2009!

Thanks & regards,


Post #658919 9th Mar 2023 4:01am
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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 SC V8 Santorini Black

I have a similar water ingress issue, how did you fix that?

Post #658920 9th Mar 2023 7:25am
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Autobiography TDV8 Orkney Grey

Given that this followed from a downpour, failure of the weather seal for the LHS rear quarter glass is a contender. I've heard from others that the likes of Autoglass or Auto Windscreens ought to be able to sort you out. But if you have a preferred indy, then I might be tempted to start there.

From experience with my erstwhile TD6 failure of the tailgate weather seal could also be a possible depending on the location of the failed section of the seal. Failure at or near the top may give rise to such a scenario. A likely other symptom is water in the rear load space and spare wheel well. And possible damage to components located in the rear LHS and/or RHS electronics bays

Also, be aware that water in the rear electronics bays can result from failure of an internal seal in the rear wash-wipe motor. In brief, each use of the rear screen washer can then spray water between the headlining and the roof. Water staining on the rear parcel shelf is likely symptom followed by a ruined headlining and again contents of the either or both rear electronics bays.

Take care to dry out any plugs/connections as best you can.
Depending on the quantity/duration of water exposure, capillary action can draw water into wiring cores - which can then come back to haunt you weeks or months later, damaging plugs/connectors and equipment.

Hope some of this is useful.

Warwick 2011 L322 TDV8 A/b Orkney Grey
2002 L322 TD6 Vogue Zambezi Silver (gone but not forgotten)
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Post #658994 9th Mar 2023 9:24pm
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Not the username I wanted

Member Since: 27 Feb 2023
Location: Tasmania
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Australia 2010 Range Rover Vogue 5.0 V8 Alaska White

Hi Warwick and thanks for your response.
One thing I have noticed with Range Rovers is that everybody's problems all seem to be slightly different and the cure is also different! I've put silicone around the LH hinge joint and the boot seal and that seems to have stopped any water from getting in. I put the hose on it and have had a couple of rains since and no water anywhere inside! phew!
There was water in the padding on the rear lining so I know the water was from the roof somewhere, rather than the windows and that's what I've been checking after any rain.
I got the stack out over the weekend and cleaned all the plugs etc. The only sign of water damage was on the reversing sensor module. Tried bypassing the MOST system with a Bic pen but nothing seemed to solve the issue. I've ordered a MOST loop bypass to see if the Heath Robinson contraption I was using wasn't fully functioning as hoped.
I've also noticed that the CD changer in the glovebox seems to be changing disks regularly, so I'll try bypassing that when I get my loop thingee. I might have to have a look at everything in the circuit including the portable audio module under the seat and the IHU in the front.... Fun times....



Post #659284 14th Mar 2023 12:09am
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