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Identifying engine noise -2022 Evoque P250 Mhev

A friend called me tonight at her absolute wits-end with her local Marshall JLR dealer who have repeatedly failed to solve an issue with her car.

It’s a long shot, but she’s got a consistent groaning/moan sound coming from the engine bay in the run up to around 4,000 rpm. It can’t be replicated whilst stationary. Happens when the car is hot or cold. Radio on/off, AC on or off etc. she describes it as induced by resonance, it dissipates as engine revs reduce and stops.

Lol, any ideas?

The dealer said it was the casting bungs in the engine block that were rattling and that they fixed the problem today. On the way home from the dealer the problem was still there, as loud as ever.

2022 Evoque, petrol ~4,000 miles only.

Any pointers appreciated. 2012 4.4 TDV8 Westminster - Baltic Blue, Jet interior, 20" Shadow Autobiography alloys.
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