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Book suggestion

I don’t read that many books, but have been captivated by three this year

Bill Browder’s Red notice and less gobsmaking follow on , freezing order


Click image to enlarge

All real life unbelievable tales , all read like 007. Recommend. Synopsis on Amazon or similar.

The reason I put this thread up… anyone have any strong recommendations?

Fact or fiction.

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I would recommend the following -
Various books by Carl Hiaasen, superbly written and very, very funny the guys books are masterpieces. Mostly set in Florida and the Everglades. Examples below -
Lucky You (1997)
Sick Puppy (2000)
Basket Case (2002)
Skinny Dip (2004)
Nature Girl (2006)
Star Island (2010)
Bad Monkey (2013)
Razor Girl (2016)
Squeeze Me (2020)

More on the vein of the one you pictured are books about world war II, by authors such as Antony Beevor, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Max Hastings etc ( Chastise about the Dambusters is excellent ) These authors books are very well researched.
I forget the author, but recently read a book all about I K Brunel which was fascinating.

Between paperbacks and hardbacks I did not know how many books I had, until last year when I sorted them out and bought some bookcases, now I know, approx 900 books Shocked Thud
Plus there are all the Kindle books to read whilst at sea

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