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What gets me is the cost of some of these Campervans/Motor Homes. I have seen VW T5's being sold of £70,000 upwards. I could get a very nice RR and Caravan for that money and still have a car for daily use.

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Post #672677 4th Sep 2023 10:40am
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Caravan when the kids were young. Now they are up and away campervan (LWB Sprinter) for me. Had the van for 4 years and just bought a newer one (LWB Crafter this time). Absolutely love it.

Mostly off grid camping we do as campsites are getting to be beyond as joke with pricing to stay on a bit of grass overnight. SDV8

Post #672679 4th Sep 2023 10:59am
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My wife asked me to take a look at campers and motor homes this weekend to see if it would speed up our journey to the italien lakes. So I went on YouTube to get an idea of what was available. She wanted something she thought was small enough to use to get around town but big enough to spend six weeks at a time in. I preferred the camper style whereas my wife likes the MH for looks and space. I’m not keen on the deteriorating plastic cladding on MH so campers being an automotive finish would be easier to sustain a reasonable appearance. With this thought I convinced her that at the up to 6.5m size the layouts were effectively all the same for both MH and campers if we wanted a four berth ability, ie the continental half dinette at the front with either a ceiling fitted bed above or a pop top for the occasional visit from family. We visited a local dealership (the only one for miles) and found very little choice. They explained that since Covid they have struggled to obtain any stock. We looked at a few Auto Trail V campers which were ok and compared them to MH’s of similar dimensions. There really was nothing different as they shared the same layouts within very close dimensions. I was left with the feeling that space is at a huge premium in either and the lounge area was very small to be cooped up in on a rainy British holiday. Whilst comparing the campers to the MH’s I realised I wasn’t comparing with my caravan. The space in my caravan which is 50cm longer is palatial by comparison. I may be speed restricted with the caravan but it’s hugely more livable than a MH / camper of similar size. In addition I have the ability to get in a very nice car and park anywhere a car can which is not the case for a MH / camper. I’m sure some love the challenge of restriction of space. I like dragging my executive flat behind me with all the comforts of home and not compromising on anything. I love my huge domestic sized shower and fixed comfy pocket sprung bed. My kitchen can whip up a banquet on my domestic Bosch hob and we can both slouch on our own settees in comfort. I can get up and go into the lounge whilst closing off the bedroom behind sliding wooden doors leaving the wife to dream about me. I can watch tv and make a cuppa without disturbing her because there’s space to swing a feline if required. This isn’t the case in a MH / camper. Everything is space relient. Storage, apart from the garages is minuscule. The seating at the dinettes is a huge compromise between being safe for driving and being comfortable to eat from. No slouching or not for two at least. Odd shaped table extensions to allow the drivers seat to be eaten from. It’s all too tight and makeshift.
Not unsurprisingly we chose to remain caravanners and put up with the drag.
I didn’t mention the cost element. It’s huge!

Post #672716 5th Sep 2023 8:27am
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