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Member Since: 11 Oct 2023
Location: Atlanta GA
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United States 2006 Range Rover HSE 4.4 V8 Buckingham Blue

Old thread, but North Metro Atlanta.
10 hours to get out of Texas is nothing...
It can take that to get from the airport to my house and that's only 30 miles!

Love this forum. Very helpful folks.
The answer to questions on the other forum is "have you heard of Google?"
Here they have actual advice. 2006 L322 HSE LUX 4.4NA Jag V8 Buckingham Blue/Ivory - 'Col Reb'
Rolled Yahtzee Aug 2023 222,222Miles
2016 L405 HSE TD6. Santorini Black over Almond.
Only L405 IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE with an L494 Shift Lever Fitted!
97K at purchase Sept of 2023

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