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Australia 2007 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Java Black
I have ordered some recovery boards

Australia, very hot and dry....Went camping over Christmas towing my off road camper trailer, about 1.5 ton all loaded. Cruised around some knarly off road tracks, all very dry without breaking a sweat but all the good spots were taken, fun anyway. Went to another area close to a river and hit a long patch of very very soft sand, I knew 100 yards in it was not going to end well but dare not stop, of course I did, bogged going nowhere. I let all the tyres down to 15psi including the trailer, dug out the sand in front of the wheels, switched to sand mode and moved a few inches, rooster tails of sand and the engine getting hot. I Gave up. Called a mate who luckily was not far off. he came with traction boards, one under each back wheel and I flew out with no dramas. Now I want them, a pair is in the post ..

 2007 TDV8 VSE
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