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SamThomas wrote:

I wonder why some people are still here, long after leaving the fold.

Visit an EV owners forum and you'll see why - I did when I was researching getting some company EV's to take advantage of the outrageous BIK bribes and it was as interesting as EV cars are to drive.
The most popular thread was "top tips to extend your range in winter", these included such gems as (seriously!) "wear a hat and gloves so you don't need the heating" and "take a hot water bottle with you"
Someone else had worked out that it cost the same to drive to the bus stop and take the bus to work as it did to drive all the way to work but he was saving on wear and tear - brilliant tip - don't use it Laughing
I suggested learning to do hand signals to save using the indicators which sparked a long debate about heat loss, drag and power used to open the window. I got told off for "being stupid" when I suggested either walking or buying a horse then got blocked for suggesting keeping a lighter in the car to avoid wasting farts.
Some people do take themselves too seriously.

Post #681261 27th Dec 2023 7:26pm
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There are so many posts like the one you refer to that are simply click bait for petrolheads. From experience my range drops by 20 miles between hottest summer days and the depths of winter on my i3, on our MG it's about 10% which I guess would be pretty much the same in an ICE vehicle. I cant comment on idicators, being a BMW driver theyre not used anyway Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter BMW i3 Electric Car
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Post #681268 27th Dec 2023 8:45pm
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