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Clearing sun roof drains - How?

Hi, All.

Not experiencing any problems with them, but as part of preventative maintenance I tried yesterday to check/clear the sunroof drain channels using strimmer cable as recommended on here.

From other posts I understood there are 4 drain channels. I found the two front ones but couldn't find any at the rear - are they hidden under the few centimetres of glass panel that remain visible when in the fully open position and if so how do people access them?

I also couldn't push the cable more than about 12cm down either of the front drains before it became stuck against something. No amount of twisting, prodding or wiggling would get it to go any further on either side.

Have I misunderstood the process or am I employing the wrong technique?

Any guidance from those who have done this successfully much appreciated.

Thanks 2012 TDV8 Westminster in the New Forest

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I haven't tried it yet but if there are drain holes to the rear could you not close the sunroof then tilt it so the rear lifts? You should then be able to access any rear drain holes through the gap? 1988 Classic 3.5 EFI in Green - GONE.
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