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1. Remove Battery – 134 viewsPut bonnet into service mode and remove battery
3. remove ECU Box Cover – 127 viewsThere are two clips that form a part of the cover you need to lift, and then the cover can be removed
4. See ECU in position – 142 viewsThe ECU is a slot fit, there are two clips to the right holding it in place, then you can slide it out all connectors attached
5. Unclip the connectors – 134 viewsYou have to do this in the right order, starting from the left. Press in the retainer and lift up the power connector clip. Next, the shit motor connector. Press down the little button on the top of the connector and the slide the black clip to the lect and down. The connector should rise up and then be removed. Finally the "communicate with the car" connector, same as the previous one. And remove the ECU.
6. ECU & Connectors – 155 viewsSee original part label

On the left the power connector (see the button you need to press to remove)
In the middle the connector that links to the potentiometer in the shift motor (see the black clip that needs to be moved to the left, once you have depressed the retaining button)
On the right the connector with a bunch of wires that talks to the car
7. Sliding out the terminal block on the potentiometer connector – 130 viewsThe terminal block is held in place with a little clip attached to the outer body, hold this back with a fingernail and the terminal block should slide out. You need to do this if you want to test the wiring, because you can now get at the bare wires on the terminal block
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