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01 – 357 viewsDiscussion around the benefits of disabling your EGR or replacing it with a blanking kit can be found on the forum. This show is about removing, cleaning and replacing the existing EGR

The EGR valve is located under the front engine cover, so you will need to remove it. There are three allen bolts and you need to remove the power steering lid to remove it.
02 – 331 viewsSee allen bolt on left side of cover
03 – 346 views
04 – 347 viewsSee allen bolt tucked down the side of the cover. You will need to remove the air intake to more easily get at this one
05 – 420 viewsFront engine cover removed. You can see that the EGR is still obscured by the top engine cover. This is only held on by one allen bolt at the back, so you should be able to simply lift up the front of the top cover and swing it out of the way.
06 – 513 viewsrevealing the EGR in all its glory.

You are going to need a screwdriver or 7mm spanner for the jublilee clips, and a 10mm socket for the EGR bolts
07 – 480 viewsFirst, undo the two jubilee clips holding the rubber hose from the intercooler, and remove the hose. You might need to gently lever the rubber away from a the EGR with a blunt blade. Remove the black and blue vacuum pipe from the EGR valve.
08 – 456 viewsNext, undo the jubilee clamp that fixes and connects the exhaust pipe. You will see from the picture and the arrow how it works. You may need to encourage it to spring apart!
09 – 498 viewsUndo the four bolts (10mm) holding on the EGR. This is a bit fiddly with the bottom bolts, but the right combination of sockets will help you. Take care when removing the bolts you don't loose them down into the engine bay. You can now remove the EGR and see all the muck in side.
10 – 492 viewsThe muck is most probably sticky and tar so again using a blunt blade you can scrape most of it off. Then I used good old GUNK to clean up the residue and the outsides of the EGR, and gave the cleaned up surfaces a quick rub with some emery paper.
11 – 480 viewsAlso clean out the exhaust inlet (although this is less important if you are going to disable the EGR
12 – 521 viewsNow its all cleaned up, you can see the valve in its closed position
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