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03 Filler Tool made from syringe and air conditioning pipe – 383 viewsYou can't pour the oil in, so you will need to make up a filler tool of some kind. I twisted the arm of a nurse to provide me with a 60ml syringe, and used a short piece of piping left over from and air conditioning job at work. Warmed the piping in some hot water and fitted to syringe. Super tight fit. Tool available to borrow for postage costs.
02 Transfer Box "Unique" Oil – 468 viewsThe transfer box oil was especially formulated by Castrol for this transfer box (and this box only). It's Castrol BOT 26 FMB 1 / Part Number STC4861. Can be got from dealers or on eBay. You only need 1 litre and it should cost between 7 and 12. Some dealers say they use other different types of oil.
04 Transfer Box Drain and Filler Plugs – 694 viewsHere you can see the two plugs on the back of the transfer box. I took my metric socket set under the car, only to find the best fit was a 5/8 socket! Loosen them both off to start with - they are on pretty tight (26 nm)
05 Another view of the transfer box and the drain and filler plugs – 499 views
06 Draining off the old oil – 521 viewsLeave it to drain for a good ten minutes. Note its a dark blackish grey colour. Hopefully no bits in it! I removed the filler plug for this to prevent any air blockage effect to help speed up the drain. While you are waiting you can clean up the two plugs, and check that the copper washers will be OK for reuse. Mine were OK.
07 Filler tool in action – 536 viewsNew oil a lovely golden colour! Don't forget to refit the drain plug and tighten to 26 nm.
08 Filling Up – 506 viewsWith the size of syringe I used it took about 10 goes to empty the 1 litre bottle. You know you are done when the oil starts to pour back out of the filler hole.

Refit the filler plug and tighten to 26 nm.
transfer box.jpg
01 Transfer Box – 472 viewsAn oft ignored item, with a supposed "filled for life" oil, to be found at the back of the main gearbox, it converts the output drive to the front and rear wheels. So if you are up for changing your "filled for life" gearbox oil, why not change this too?

You can do this job without ramps or jacking, just put car into off road height and leave a door open. Then scrabble underneath - the transfer box is easy to find.
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