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01 - reflector and leds – 48 viewsreflector removed and scrubbed (they get mucky back there)

LED's came from a guy called madbitz on eBay. he cut the lengths to size for me (20cm), red with a black background. I got a the lower brightness ones, but i reckon the brighter ones might be better with this mod. Ho hum...
02 Split the two halves – 40 viewsFirst leap of faith, but should give confidence to others. Get a sharp thin but stiff bladed knife and work the blade into a gap between the grey back and the red front. Do this gently so you don't crack the red part. The glue should eventually give, the you can slip the blade in between and work it along the reflector until you separate the two parts.
05 One end of red part cut back – 47 viewsI used a junior jigsaw to cut the verticals, scored the edge with a sharp knife, then broke off the offending part with a pair of pliers. Sanded down with green rough sand paper.
06 The other end – 43 views
04 Sizing things up – 48 viewsLay the LED strip onto the reflector to allow you to mark out where to cut. I took a risk and trimmed one of the LED strips to save having to make cut outs at both ends. Strip still worked ;)
11 All back together – 55 viewsNow for the back bumper and the wiring :D
07 Putting it all together – 54 viewsThere is just about sufficient space between the red part and the grey part for the LED strip (especially if you squeeze a bit ;) ) Plan is for the power leads to be cut into the bumper.
08 Sticking the LED – 57 viewsOnce happy with location and alignment, peel off the backing and stick LED to grey part
10 Fix – 59 viewsClamped at both ends and popped into the vice for the middle part (Needs this compression as the silicon LED strip is just a tiny bit thicker than the gap.
09 Glue – 55 viewsUsed Bostik all purpose adhesive on both parts
13 On a battery with lights off - very bright – 71 viewslights up whole reflector ;)
12 On a battery with lights on – 72 views
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