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Montys 4x4

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United Kingdom 2017 Range Rover Autobiography TDV6 Carpathian Grey

Just to update, I waited for two weeks for a response from JLR on the issue I have raised about oil dilution. the response was to reference the amended RR MY17.5 sales brochure update that inserted that "driving styles" will affect the nominal 16,000 miles scheduled service requiring more frequent servicing and warning that due to oil dilution triggering the oil service warning the owner must have the oil changed immediately to avoid engine damage.
I have several issues with the response when referencing against the kindly provided internal JLRP00100 Service bulletin on this thread. Also when I bought my Range Rover last November there was no brochures available at the dealership or on line as they had been replaced with the MY18 Facelift versions. Also as the servicing is now recorded online at LR Dealers I have no Servicing Booklet in with my Vehicle Manual.
The issue has now been lifted to Black Horse Finance who I used to purchase the vehicle and they are speaking to JLR Customer Services and I also sat in with the Service Manager at the selling dealership for two hours earlier this week providing him with copies of all correspondence so that he also submits a Customer complaint through Marshall LR own Customer Service Manager.
Because I alerted the dealership before the six month point and clearly the RR 3.0 TDV6 is not delivering on my expectations it appears I may be able to reject the vehicle, It will be a sad day if it does get returned as its the best LR product I have owned but JLR just need to swallow the honesty pill and accept they need to sort this issue out.


Paul Journey started in a LR2B at 16 and has incl. just about every Land Rover, Disco, RRS and Range Rover Vehicle owned or driven, I even worked for the company when it was owned by BAe - It must be a madness!!! because to add to my 4.4 TDV8 Westminister In Baltic Blue I bought a second L322 as a commuter bus, TD6 2004 Vogue in Oslo Blue with cream leather now both gone replaced with what could turn out to be my retirement wheels. Carpathian Grey ivory interior 3.0 tdv6 Autobiog. 2017

Post #478651 17th May 2018 8:40am
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United Kingdom 2017 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV6 Loire Blue

Hi Paul, this is very interesting as we purchased/financed ours at the end of December and it is booked in for a service next month. As this is the earliest that they could get the car in....this service will be carried out just before it is 6 months old. Meaning to me if they don’t give a satisfactory outcome/answer to the early service and ad Blue situation. Would this be recourse to reject the vehicle?

The car is superb in every way, and it’s the last thing I would want to do! On the flip side we have the car over a 4 year finance agreement (to tie in with the completely new model was the thought) I don’t want the niggle that year 4 I will have issues with it!

Interesting times ahead.....

Post #478690 17th May 2018 4:39pm
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